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Fashion Haul (SALE) ~ Primark, Jane Norman, Topshop

I got these clothing items on Boxing Day (26th Dec '12) along with all the jewelry I'd blogged about here. I got them at such amazing prices that I had to share!

Primark Black & White Stripe Skater Dress With Blue Belt, £5 (Rs.430) ~ Ya, the blue belt looks so off, but so overlook-able at that price! The fabric is great quality- thick & warm. The black & white stripes make me think of Carrie Bradshaw's 1st Paris outfit.

Jane Norman Butterfly Slit Sleeve Top, £12.50 (Rs.1080). I showed you one in a snake print last year. This is same design, just different (read: better) print. This is in a Size 8 (I'm a 6), but it still fits me fine. I have a thing for slit sleeves, btw.
Primark Duck Print Top With Bow, only £3 (Rs.260) ~ Oh my bows! The price is so ridiculous, no? =D I just love the details- bow, key hole at the back, the ducks..... quack quack!
Oh My Love Grecian Crossover Dress with Gold Belt from Topshop, £15 (Rs.1295)  ~ My favorite. It's now cheaper- £12 on Topshop.com. Original price was £39 (around Rs.3360)! It was the last one in XS and was right there in front of my eyes in a busy store, so obviously it was waiting for me! I want to wear it with the Accessorize Gold Bando & gold sequinned pumps (that I'll never find!)
That's it. Oh! You know what? I feel crushed that I missed out on a particular Jane Norman Butterfly Skater Dress, which is now only available in a Size 12 in some sites....

It was on sale on Boxing Day, but was available in a Size 8, so I left it. Especially with this type of high-low dress, I have to stick to a 6. Please tell me it doesn't look  pretty & magical, and that it would have looked horrible on me! T_T

Happy Friday, everyone! Hope you had a good week and have exciting plans for the weekend. Have you watched Friends With Kids? I really enjoyed watching it last night. Also, Bridesmaids was laugh out loud funny. Weird that both movies have the same cast. Okay, bye.

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


  1. when i saw the butterfly top, i thought its from accessorize! isnt the print so accessorize-ish :P
    great bargains u have got :) awesome stuff:)

  2. omg ! I love it all :D amazing price too :D
    xoxo <3


  3. love the butterfly top :)
    n yeah the dress is HORRIBLE :)

    1. Hahaha...ya it really is..what was I thinking! :D


  4. lol the Jane Norman dress, look at Abhi, she's helping you feel better :P

  5. Great haul! Love the duck print top with bow and the crossover dress is so lovely ^_^

  6. duck top is cute, bow looks beautiful

  7. I loved the quack top the most! Ok, ya, that dress is outright hideous! (not, sorry!)

  8. Really liked your striped dress..

  9. what amazing buys..the first striped dress is lovee at first sight..


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