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My Shopping List: Hello Kitty Makeup, Lashes, Caviar Nails, Etc

We won't call it the wishlist anymore, okay? We'll call it The Shopping List. You know the overwhelming feeling we feel when shopping? I figured if I note down exactly what I want, I will feel calmer when my brain is hit with temptations all at once.
So here the products I've been eyeing this week and I'm going out to get them today.
Hello Kitty Makeup at Superdrug! I couldn't stop thinking about them ever since I saw them on British Beauty Blog. Oh my bows. Nail polishes, lipsticks, etc. Look at ze lipstick....
Bourjois Faux & Fabulous False Lashes ~ Lady In Black!

Bourjois 2-in-1 Tweezers & False Eyelash Applicator- Grab false lashes from one end, apply, press with the other soft angled end. How cool! I neeeed this.

Max Factor Facefinity All Day Flawless 3 In 1 foundation ~ Primer, Concealer, Foundation in one! I've seen some great reviews on this one, and coverage is said to be medium to high. Sounds perfect for my skin. But let me see if I can find a shade that suits me.
MUA Nail Constellations ~ Caviar nail art for less! Those up there are inspired by zodiac signs. The first one is mine- Gemini. WANT!

Garnier Dark Spot Corrector ~ Claims: 5% pure Vitamin C, prevents the spread of melanin.   I don't sweat here, so my pigmentation mask is beginning to show more *cries* so I'm buying everything with claims like that! Btw, I'm almost done with the Lakmé Perfect Radiance Capsules, and the review is coming.
So that's the list according to the memo in my phone. Let's see if I stick to it =D
Want to add anything you want reviewed & swatched to the list? Only drugstore (read: cheap) products, please! =)

♥ Cynthia Z *.*


  1. omg! I could not read or see anything beyond hello kitty!

  2. wow....I want tht Hello Kitty Collection so badly...I really miss UK...

  3. awesome stuff:)
    i too saw these nail constellation thingys on the mua site yday.. i want themm !!!!!

  4. The list is really pretty and tempting too :D

  5. The Hello Kitty things are just SO cute *w*


  6. Mary Kay concealer!

  7. garnier dark spot corrector, please be a good product !!

  8. The Hello Kitty makeup has such lovely nail polish colours...and in such CUTE packaging! The MUA Nail Constellations look gr8 too...wish these were all available in India *sigh*.

  9. I got 2 of those MUA Nail Constellations..cant wait to use them..hello kitty lipstick looks oh so cute !

  10. Garnier BB Cream, please?

    1. Yes, I wanna try it too :) Let's see if one of the 2 shades suit me


  11. I want that Bourjois gimzo !! And I totally need garnier corrector .. Winters is the time for my skin to heal :D

  12. That MF foundation sounds good & that false lash applicator is so cool! I want :D

  13. those HK polishes look sooo adorable!! ^_^


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