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Forever New Haul & Accessorizing A Skirt

You see an expensive-looking Metallic Brocade Skirt at 50% off (under 900 bucks) + it's the last piece + it's in your size. What do you do? You grab it & try it on (outside, coz the trial rooms are all occupied.) 
You don't really need this skirt (and you have another FN off-white skirt you bought almost 2 years ago & have never worn), so you're confused whether or not to buy it. 30% buy, 70% don't buy. Then a girl wearing nothing but a white banyan (under shirt) pops out of a trial cubicle & asks you if you're buying the skirt. You're terrified! "YES. WHY?" clutching the skirt tighter.
Girl in banyan: A little embarrassed & right hand on chest "No... I'm just asking. If you're not buying then I'll try it on"
Yes, you're buying it. You just needed a minute to think.

Okay, you is I. I bought the skirt, and I'm glad I did :).  I also got this cute soft gold quilted faux leather bow, that can be worn as a brooch or a hair clip....

I think it would add some casualness & "cute" to this rather formal-looking skirt.
Let's see how the bow looks in different places....

Now I just need to find a top that would go with those. I'm thinking plain off-white sleeveless georgette with a little bit of ruffles. By the way, the Forever 21 earrings go really well with this skirt.

Metallic Brocade Skirt ~ Rs.895 (from Rs.1800)
Quilted Leather Bow ~ Rs.145 (from Rs.300)
Total ~ Rs.1050. Best/Cheapest buys from Forever New!

Where do you think the bow looks best?

♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. haha!! ya i read dat tweet :D
    n btw the bow looks gud where u placed it in d third pic

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  3. Sorry! Something went wrong with my previous comment. The skirt looks gorgeous with the bow! I think it's positioned the best in the 2nd pic (centre of skirt, just below the waist band).

  4. i will never fit in this one ...u so thin ..me jealous :D

  5. So cute with the bow!

  6. i like it with the bow on the side...first and third pic

  7. Omg the skirt is stunning..Lucky you cynthia. & the bow..how can we never like those cute lil things! As for the top why dont you try something colorful to go with this skirt or even a black ruffled top would look lovely on you!

  8. ha ha ha!! anything becomes more tempting whn someone else also wants to get that. Believe me 95% girls would do the same no matter how many similar skirts we have in their wardrobe. I loved your buys!!

  9. wowww u made it look so victorean-era types... very classy yaa
    loved it :)

  10. the bows look the best in the left hand side pics hun. Show how when you wear this as an outfit please. I white ruffled top would look super chic with this :)

  11. This is a cute skirt, I'd buy it even if it wasn't in my size :P LOL at the girl in banyan :P

  12. Ohh that bow goes perfect with that brocade mini skirt! xoxo

  13. that skirt is gorgeous and very chic. xo

  14. I love the bow placement in the first pic the best, followed by the 3rd pic. Such a pretty skirt - it'll look awesome on you :D

  15. I did a forever new haul as well.. Congos :)

  16. Oh, I would have gotten that skirt if I saw it in the store. It's gorgeous! Good thing you got that nudge from the 'banyan' girl. :D


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