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LAKME Earth Rose Blush Trio Review, Swatches & LOTD

Here are better pictures of the Lakme Earth Rose Blush Trio. The colors weren't coming out properly with flash the first time. And I promised you a face swatch. It's hard for me to do face swatches on all products, especially with face products, but I'll try to do them every once in a while.

I'm still in awe of the design of this blush. I love it! The colors, the pigmentation, how easy they are to blend all together. I really think you should have this. It's perfect for Indian skin tones.

Somebody asked me if the colors get mixed together when you swirl a brush on it. Not really. A little bit stray out of their respective places, but it's nothing to worry about. 
A little goes a long long way with this, so don't use a very dense brush or a kabuki to apply.

Swatches of the trio ~ Golden beige, Rosy Coral & Earthy Brown
Outer box. Isn't it so pretty?!
This is how it looks on me....

 I applied a little heavily so it shows more on camera. Camera's battery ran out before I could put on some smiles =D 
Other products: Matte brown eyeshadows from 120 palette, IN2IT Gel Liner Pencil, Lakme Black Satin Kajal on bottom lash line, Kate Mascara Base, Smashbox Bionic Mascara, Make up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick #28 on lips.

Application Technique: I applied the brown to contour under my cheekbones, the Rosy Coral on the apples of my cheeks & the Golden Beige on the highest points of my cheeks, and blended any harsh lines. This creates dimension. I used the Inglot 24SS brush
Of course, you can use all 3 shades together by swirling your blush brush with a light hand and apply.

What do you think? Have you got the Blush Trio yet?
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♥ Cynthia Z ^.^


  1. Ohh CZ! You look so so pretty in these pics. Simply Smashing! :D :D

    I got the blush too - & I agree it looks super pretty! But for some reason it doesn't last very long me - it is gone in about 2 hours. I think the very creamy Ponds TM is to blame, but I ain't sure.. Any tips?

    Btw what lippie have you used? Your makeup is prefect & u look so very cute! :D

  2. you lookkk very prettyyyy Cynthia!!! Me too got this blush and loveee it...though havnt used it much to test it as such...but I love the shades!!

  3. Cynthis i just clicked my pics with this blush and was doing A every one is going to compare both of us :D

  4. Ana~ lol...never mind girl. I'd love to see how it looks on u too

    HD~ Thank u! Glad u got it too :)

    T~ Thank u so much!So sweet of u :D. I used MUFE Rouge Artist Intense #28. About staying power, it stays on me. I think it's the foundation primer and powder underneath. The Pond's TM could be the reason it didn't stay on u


  5. ohhhh god m head over heels yaar :)
    where should i ran and hyde my face
    u know when i saw ur pic .. ohhh god i will not be able to write it here yaar :)
    u looking amazinggggggg each and every combo the lips the eyes the cheeks are complimenting each other so well :) love u honey for this .. i really wanted to compare you with a good actress but naaahhhh :)
    you have your own identity :)
    loved the look dear :) very well played with colors

  6. pretty outer cover and the blush design is lovely 2

  7. the look has made you look very innocent and shy...

    I am already loving this blush.

  8. Jiya ~ lol...thanks girl :)

    Sharon ~ They are

    Rashmi ~ haha...ur too much lol...I love u too for being so sweet! Oh u can say which actrees, I want to know! :D. Thanks a ton!


  9. Thanks Shifa!

    Rentu~ You're not the only one :)


  10. The blush is very very pretty...and you are definitely looking hot as ever :-)

  11. Wow you look amazing! The blush is so pretty! I really wish we had Lakme in england!!! I always say that lol.. x

  12. LALP~'s fine, I wish u had it there too :) Thanks!

    GGG~ Thank U :)


  13. eff this, you are GORGEOUS. like seriously babe, you are one of the prettiest women I have seen. Jealous, in a good way of course~ :)

  14. Shivani ~ Haha...aww...thanks loads girl! What a compliment hehe


  15. Am definitely picking this up when I am in India next time :) Such a pretty combo of shades!!! Love the way you have teased your hair :)

  16. Cynthia where did u get this? Everywhere iv asked in delhi (well, gurgaon) it says theyr not in stock :( :9
    I wannnnnnntttt ittttttttt


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