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Beauties Factory 120 Eyeshadow Palette

Ordered this last Monday and I'm sooo... *HAPPY* it arrived today!!! Only one color is broken, but I guess it's a small price to pay for ordering make-up online.
Here are some pictures to show you how it's packed....

5 layers of bubble wrap

Both were saran-wrapped

There's the broken one :(

I got 5 brushes free with the palette. I think they're adorable and quite well-made.

The Ebay store I ordered it from is called Chic Gallery for 12.99 pounds (Rs.1000 approx). Ordered some Nail Art Rhinestones too but they haven't arrived yet.
Hope this helps those who are thinking about ordering this palette online too.

DBA ^_^


  1. I keep wondering about Ebay...how do you find trusted sellers? And often I see that the prices are no better than retail, so why go through the risk of ordering from a stranger, AND paying shipping? I'm such an Ebay virgin sigh...

  2. Gorgeous colors, but did you ever try the Coastal Scents palette? Waitin' wat would u do with this!

  3. hey ! congrats !!I have been lemming for this palette for I dont know how long !I fink the color payoff mst be insane !!!

    btw did u expereincd any problem whilst ordering it ? I mean customs and ol ?? I have alays been awry of ordering online .. I have heard horrific tales about Indian customs :D

    Can yu tell how much you had to pay for customs and did they delivered to yer address or yu had to pick em up ??
    Thanx :)

  4. Wow some great colours, I have to say I love Coastal Scents palettes you should definitely check them out xoxo

  5. @CB..actually I have no choice but to order coz it's not available in India. Ebay isn't bad...u just have to the sellers' feedback rating to know whether to trust them or not.

    @D Reddy..Nope haven't tried CS yet.

    @Palak..this is my first time n it was ok. I just had to pay the 12.99 pounds and it was delivered to my mailing address

    @Juicygirl...yeah, will try the CS later :)


  6. The brush handles are so cute!!! The palette is also very lovely can't wait to see all the different looks you will do with it.

  7. you're welcome it's normal :)
    thank you very much for the compliment cynthia :) i'm really happy that you like them^^
    have a nice day^^ take care

  8. omg the brushes are uber funky! hows the quality of it gurl? show us some looks with this palette in the future please =)

  9. iv always wanted one of these but i think i just have too many eyeshadows now that its too late besides i dont even have paypal lol (its a good thing i think - or ill b broke!)

  10. Wow :D So many colors! That's like infinite makeup possibilities :D

  11. @Shifa...the quality is good girl...very pigmented. Will probably use this palette 4 all my looks from now on :)

    @Inner b..Yup sometimes its a good thing..hehe..

    @Shilka...yup yup many many colors..love it!

  12. Hey! I have also been thinking of buying a 120 palette for such a long time now, This palette looks amazing and there are quite a lot of good reviews on this on youbube which makes me want this even more! do let us know how you good you are finding this palette and the brushes :) xoxo

  13. i like the "cowy" print on d brushes :) seriously waiting wat all wud u do with the colors :)

  14. Wow so many colors...next time show us your FOTD using this pallette..ok? thanks for visiting me

  15. ohh u got this! how great^^ i have it too and it is just amazing :) all those colors for that price~

  16. @ Beautifier..u should get it..it's really great

    @Lavender..will do for sure

    @Divija...I like the "cowy" or "dalmation" look too :)


  17. awwww cuteeee... i love the cow print on the brushes :P


  18. how lond did it take for you to get it?
    i order mine from the same person

  19. Hey i want to know yhe custom duty u paid for this as i m also going to ordwr it soon


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