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Rolex Leads a Time Revolution (Sponsored Post)

Oyster <br>Perpetual

What makes a Rolex so precious? Why is Rolex the biggest luxury watch brand out there? How is Rolex technology better than the other watchmakers’? Why is Rolex in a league of its own? How could one possibly begin to explain why a Rolex sits comfortably at the top of the list of luxury watches?Well, before I give the answer a shot, here’s a little something I came across that pretty much sums up the essence behind Rolex’s success and fame: 
“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”-Buckminster Fuller.
And that’s just what Rolex watches went and did. They swept right into the world of watch-making and revolutionised it. Quite frankly, they owned it. The house of Rolex became the epicentre of innovation and invention in the realm of luxury watch-making. When the brand’s very name packs such a powerful lure, you don’t really need another reason to get one. In India, Rolex watches are most easily available through a handful of luxe retailers like Ethos Watch Boutiques, which let you safely secure your Rolex online. 
Moving on, here’s why ‘a Rolex is a Rolex’:
Rolex has a rich history of innovation. 
Since the brand’s inception in 1905, Rolex has been the powerhouse of scientific innovations and contributions in fine watch-making. So much so that we can practically credit them for the way a modern wristwatch functions and looks, today. Why? For starters, the brand has a number of ‘firsts’ in the business of watch-making: 
  • The first waterproof wristwatch (Oyster, 1926) 
  • The automatically-changing date feature we take for granted today, was created by Rolex for the very first time with the Datejust, 1945.
  • Making travelling easy since 1954, Rolex forged the first of luxury watches to show two time zones on a single dial.
  • In 1908, Rolex became the first watchmaker to earn chronometer certification of accuracy for a wristwatch.
If that’s not enough, here’s more interesting trivia: such is their technical prowess that Rolex has over a thousand patents to their name. Technological breakthroughs are just a regular old thing at the house of Rolex! Impressive, eh?
New Rolex Day-Date Watch

Rolex has its own science lab. 
That’s right. In a ceaseless endeavour to create the best timepieces in the world, Rolex has set up its very own R&D centre –and boy, is it impressive; quite easily the most sophisticated machinery in the business. A massive team of in-house scientists and researchers dedicate their time to finding the best and most efficient ways of manufacturing the unparalleled luxury Rolex watches. Apart from that, Rolex watches are also specially tested in these labs, to ensure each product holds the highest standards of production. It’s safe to say your Rolex is probably better tested than even your automobile; and the state-of-the-art labs at Rolex can even give NASA a run for their money, surely! 
Rolex makes its own gold.
When I first came across the ‘everoserolesor’ I wondered why they didn’t just call it ‘rose gold’. I soon learnt that the everosegold used in Rolex watches is exclusively patented and manufactured by Rolex themselves! From everose(which one-ups rose gold by being ‘non-fading’, by the way) to gold and platinum, Rolex is awesomely the only time-maker to make its own gold. Can anyone top that? Yes, Rolex can and they did by upgrading their quality of steel to an enviable (and pretty steep on the pocket) material: the 904L steel. Couple its increased rust and corrosion resistance with its unmatchable durability, and it shines bright like no other watch –literally! 
Rolex movements are hand-assembled and made in-house. 
Rolex understands that machines have their place in the process, but the brand places utmost importance on the human touch every step of the way. Rolex trusts in hands-on assembly because machines assist, simplify, and improve upon the process, but at the end of the day, a human hand is what sits down to assemble every part of a Rolex, from its movements to its strap. Which leads me to the next point…

Rolex watches take about a year to manufacture.
Even though Rolex manufactures more watches a year than any other watch brand, each timepiece takes about a year to create. Rolex watches don’t believe in shortcuts –the highest order of quality-checks and manufacturing techniques are what make a Rolex a Rolex, and there’s just no compromising on that. From manufacturing to testing, the process is deeply intricate, and the result is of course an absolute winner. 
At the end of the day, Rolex has literally forged itself a universe of its own, with each star (or watch, rather), shining bright and lighting up the night sky of fine watch-making with unrivalled luminosity. An immaculate collaboration of undying passion and dexterous craftsmanship! 

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Hong Kong Beauty HAUL

Etude House

Those are name I shan't forget.
Because they had everything I wanted to get.
Nanaladida....then show off on the net.


Let's start with ze CUTE.....

Tony Moly

- Panda's Dream Clear Pact ~ Compact powder in shade 02
- Panda's Dream Contour Stick 02 
- Panda's Dream Contour Stick 03 ~ This is a perfect shading stick for my skin tone. Love it!
- (FREE with purchase) Panda's Dream Special Kit containing: (1)The Chock Chok Green Tea Watery Cream, and (2) Panda's Dream White Magic Cream.

*I gotta hide these from the baby real good, coz he crazy about Pandas!*


20 Months In Mommyland....

Me: "Baby, say Mommy. Mommm-mmmy. Can you say Mommy?"

Ziizayne: "tuhpaashukarruhkuh..."

Me: "No, baby. Say, Mommmm-mmmmeeeee."

Ziizayne: "kafuhrraratuh...."

Me: "C'mon baby pie, you can say it. Say Mama..."

Ziizayne: "tuhtuheeeyo..."

Me: "Maaaaa......"

Ziizayne: "taotaofuhfuhshuh...."

Me: "Okay, then."

About 10 minutes later:


Ziizayne: "Mamamamamama....." *Jumps on me, grabs my face &presses his drooly mouth on my cheek* 

Me: "Awwwww....are you saying Mommy? You are so smart, my baby!!!"


And that's the only time he ever really said that. He says "Mom-mom", but to my utter disappointment he means his pacifier or sometimes food =D

He can say "Cars" (his obsession) & he tries to say "Shoes",  but no "Mommy". Little bugger.

He is 20 months old today. Yup, a toddler who can't even lie still when I change his diaper! You should see me after his bath time. I always look like I'd just crawled from the Sahara Desert.

Will have to end this post abruptly guys.

We're in Hong Kong at the moment. Wanted to take this one to Disneyland

He watches Lion King, Tangled, Frozen, Wreck It Ralph, from start to finish like he can understand everything, so I hope he'll be thrilled! 

As for me, I didn't pack much from India (not even an eyeshadow palette!) *grins*

Disneyland photos?

They're coming. Promise.


LOTD: You Know......?

You know I can't remember the last time I wore blackish smoky eyes?

You know I've stopped wearing bold red & fuchsia lipsticks for a long time?

You know I want to binge read 'The Girl On The Train' before the movie comes out?

You know I get this  strong urge to lie back on the floor at a shopping mall, yoga flap my arms and legs in & out, and shout "THIS IS THE FEELS! I FEELS! I NO CRAZY!"?

You know the top I'm wearing costs less than all the products I'm wearing on my face?

Makeup Products  I Used (Pic below):


Birthday Confessions & Haul

Today's NOT my birthday. It came & went a week ago, but I couldn't find the time to get this post up then. Now I'm doing the usual should I/shouldn't I post thing.....and then I post it.

Let's start with the good stuff... 

....and you will see I went a lil' crazy with the liquid lipsticks....

Starting from the top, clockwise:

Benefit They're Real Mascara Mini ~ Oh my God! I'm doomed, because I will need the full-sized tube. This mini version is around  Rs.800 & the full sized tube is Rs.2400 or so. It is fantastic - long, fluttery & separated lashes like no other mascara I've tried before. (From Sephora)

MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour in Personal Statement (Shocking Pink), Rich & Restless (Mid tone pinky salmon) & Lady Be Good (Warm Mid-tone Nude) ~ Out of stock. Always out of stock. It's a miracle few shades were restocked on my birthday! 

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Bellisissima (Pale Neutral Pink), Patina (Dusty Rose) & Fiore (Hot Pink) ~ LOVE these! (From Sephora)

Chambor Extreme Wear Transfer Proof Liquid Lipstick in 461 (Coral) & 431 (Red) ~ I like the first one I got #403, so I couldn't resist getting a coral & a red. I think I'm done now ;p

MAC Face & Body Foundation in C2 ~ It's time to try out a MAC Foundation for realz. Another product that was OOS for months! I mean my shade C2.

Givenchy Prisme Libre Mat-Finish & Enhanced Radiance Loose Powder 4 in 1 Harmony ~ My favorite & the most pricey (Rs.4000). This has been on my wishlist since last year. There are 4 powders in this - beige, yellow, peach, bronze. (From Sephora)


Best Makeup Brush Washing Mat

I spied with my little eye this round yellow wafer-textured thingy at a home store, I didn't know what it was. I started thinking....

What's this? Round....silicone...more weighty than I thought...I feel like I need it...Rs.250....yup, I do need it. But for what? Oh, there's a picture on the back! Okay, basically, to keep hot pans and baking dishes. That I don't need. Why don't I bake anymore? Hmmm...put it back in the hook...moving on.... we need a saucepan with a lid for making popcorn...but a light pan, so it's easier to shake-shake- shake....why don't they make enough light or pastel cooking pots and pans in this country??! Also, Floral. Vintage floral, not big big sunflowery jhatak floral. Then I'll spend more time in the kitchen! Like Bree Van de Kamp...I'll bake something French, something I can't pronounce yet... coomberfroofrount...and wear a matching floral apron....and I'll ---- 

And I ran back to one of the best things I ever discovered ;p

It's amazing, you guys! I won't have pruned fingers after washing makeup brushes anymore, and I'm actually excited to wash them more often now! Plus, the brushes come out cleaner than when I'm only using my palms.

Brands had come out with gloves and fancy mats for makeup brush washing, but those came with hefty price tags. For me, this mat is best and all I'll ever need!

How I use it: I place it in the sink, let some water fill up in those little squares, squirt some Johnson's baby shampoo, and then swirl my brushes on it. Saves so much time! I also rinse them the same way with just water. After I'm done, I rinse the mat and shake off all the water from it, and place my brushes on it for drying.

Price: Rs.250 / $4 (ONLY)

(Have you seen the Sigma mat for $32?!)

From: Lifestyle Home Centre.

If you can only buy them online, I've searched for similar ones and linked them below:

Rectangular mat ~ here
Square mat ~ here
Round mat (my favs) ~ here

What do you think about this? NEED it or not?

Talk again soon & Happy Friday! =)