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Fenty Beauty by Rihanna ~ Haul

As you all know, Rihanna launched her most-awaited beauty brand last year. FENTY, as in Robyn Rihanna Fenty. If you didn't know that, it's alright, I didn't know it either. 

In Rachel Green's words, I thought she was just Rihanna.... you know, like Moses.

To be honest, the products didn't really appeal to me when I first saw them. Maybe I had just grown up a bit more, and wasn't going crazy over every new launch & getting sucked into every new hype, you know. But when I saw them at Sephora (Bangkok), I felt kind of obligated to get something, mainly because I love her music so much..... I felt I had to pick up at least 1 product. Well, one thing led to another... and this is what I ended up with!


Cute Decor Pieces ~ HOME

The Wishing Chair Pink Car Vase, Rs.350 ~ Available on their website HERE
(Wild Flowers Bouquet bought separately. Available HERE)

Forever 21 Smiling Cat Soap Dish, Rs.399 ~ Available on their website HERE

The Wishing Chair 2 Tier Jewelry Stand, Rs.600 ~ HERE but Out Of Stock

Forever 21 Faux Fur Heart Pillow, Rs.899 ~ Available HERE

This one's just a prop, but if you're interested....

Daiso Japan Princess Rose Stand Mirror ~  Got it from Bangkok 2 years ago. Found it on a website HERE


Happy Saturday! :)


My May Favorites......

As I'm posting this, I'm more excited about FIFA than about this blog post.

I'm about 2 weeks late with it, and it's getting stale,  but I shall hit PUBLISH.
Because MAY was an important month. Very important.

I was in Bangkok for my 37th birthday, and as always, my shopping behavior was maniacal. I think some of the shopkeepers in Platinum Fashion Mall remember my face now. My desi bargaining skills were on point, but often useless in that mall btw - because they are so stubborn!

Before it gets any staler, here are My May Favorites.....

1. Makeup Revolution Flawless 4 Palette (Rs.1750) ~ I think I'm gonna be using this all year. It's got everything I need & the quality of the eyeshadows is great. I love it so much!
2. Mistine Maxi Black Eyeliner ~ I've used this once before and I was so sad when I used it up. Thai brand, Mistine's, Best Seller, and no other pen liner compares to it.
3. Miss Claire French Manicure (Rs.50 each)How cute are these?! 50 rupees for one! I'm a bit off nail polish lately, but my nails look too unhealthy to not have any nail polish....so French mani is like a middle ground.
4. Ma Vie Pour Femme by Hugo Boss Perfume ~ I think this is the most butch perfume I own. It reminds me of a body spray I use to have in my teenage years. The bottle is tiny & travel-friendly, and it's a fresh everyday jeans-tshirt kind of fragrance.
5. Pond's Magic BB Powder (Rs.40-60, I think) ~ This powder. THIS POWDER! I never thought something sold at a 7-Eleven would be this good. It also smells so lovely. It might say pink in the bottle, but it's actually a skin-colored powder that would suit most skin tones.
6. L'Oreal Infallible Total Cover Beauty Blender (Rs.799) ~ When I first squeezed this sponge, it felt like just another incompetent Beauty Blender copy. BUT when I used it, I was pleasantly surprised at how well it blended my foundation, and that it didn't soak up any product. It sets foundation & concealer on your skin really well. Btw, I also got the Concealer Blender with the long handle, and though it's alright, I found it unnecessary.
7. Wet n Wild Highlighter Brush ~ Sometimes, I apply highlighter just so I can used this brush. It's quite multi-purpose, as I use it for powder under the eyes & to blend my eyeshadows too. More pics of Wet n Wild brushes HERE.

8. Ginger by Lifestyle Handbag (Rs.1699) ~ I stumbled upon this beaut on Myntra back in April, and I just fell in love. But I didn't buy it - until I saw there's only 1 left & I was shook! It's a shoulder handbag + backpack + it's for just Rs.1699! This bag is SOLD OUT on Myntra, but I see it is available on Lifestyle website HERE (also available in black color, which is also pretty.)

9. Nude Shoes (Rs.2500) ~ My eyes always go straight to the nudes these days  These are from a shoe store in Sarojini Nagar Market (forgot the name)
10. Tassel Earrings (Rs.250 approx) ~ They are hard to store, but I want them in every color! These are for Rs.250 or so. 

A lot of you on Instagram were very interested in my luggage set. I got it from Bangkok. I had to pick between this & a pink set - you can imagine how hard that was! Pic below. My advice if you're getting a luggage like this is, make sure it's 360 degree & has 4 wheels. Mine has only 2 wheels & it's quite difficult to drag it around. (Priced at 1000 Baht. I bargained and got mine for 700 Baht = 1400 rupees.)

As for my outfit here:

Tutu Skirt: Platinum Fashion Mall, Bangkok. I also got an embellished pink one. If I remember correctly, they were for around 400 Baht = 800 rupees.
Caged Cami Crop Top ~ Forever 21. Check them out HERE & similar styles HERE & HERE
Sunglasses ~ OPIUM.
Earrings ~ Sarojini Nagar Market. Along with tassel earrings, I'm also obsessed with these kind of heavy & very painful circular ethnic earrings with balls, I'm not sure what they're called.

I think that's it. 

Favorite Movies ~ The Dictator (Hilarious!), Blackmail (Bollywood), Veere Di Wedding (this month).

Favorite TV Show ~ The Affair, Season 3.

Bye bye! More posts coming up.

I'll be posting some pics & swatches of my Fenty Beauty (by Rihanna) haul next.

And right after that, I'll finish my Korean Skincare post. I AM SORRY for the delay, but I have much more to say about it now than when I first started writing it - in January!


Wet n Wild Pro Brush Line is GORGEOUS!

So, I dropped by a Nykaa On Trend store one day, just timepass-ing because I was waiting for my chai order at Chaayos, and saw some of these Wet n Wild brushes. I thought:
They are so gorgeous!
Rose gold, but more pastel pink.
I must have them!!!
Uff, such dirty/scratched outer packaging!
Ooh, but look at them, all shiny inside!
Okay, maybe just buy them. You'll throw away the boxes anyway.
No, search online. Tip-top, clean/brand new packaging & maybe discounts too.
Get out of the store now.
Maybe just the Highlighti.....
Don't look directly at that SA near the door.
Look at your phone, and pretend you have to rush somewhere.
I mean, why? Why can't I just browse a store for 15 mins & not buy anything???
"Yes, hello.....?", I spoke into my phone that didn't even ring & walked out of the store.

There are 10 brushes in the Wet n Wild Pro Brush Line, and I only picked 3 for now to try out the quality.... and to stare at them as much as I want.

These brushes  are cruelty-free & vegan. The bristles are synthetic, and so very soft!


Before I Turn 37......

Hey you all! Hope you're doing good. Me, I'm doing great, but I just can't deal with the fact that it's  already my birthday month again! How does time move so fast??! I haven't even finished writing my birthday wishlist from last year!

How do I feel about turning 37 in 2.5 weeks? Almost the same as when I turned 36, to be honest. I feel like it's like a filler age of the late 30's. Like I'm in the middle of a see-saw, and I'm.....umm, I can't complete that analogy articulately. That's how dull & irrelevant it feels like.

So....as you can see, I'm still in the gingham phase, and although I bought 2 other gingham clothing  items, I promise this is the last one I'll be posting here. I shall control myself & my 60's fixation.
But right now, please at least appreciate the matching earrings & shorts. 

Falling into 37 like..... 
(Ohhh! That's me in the middle of that see-saw.)


Maybelline Gigi Hadid Collection Haul

I got these last month.
I wanted to post pics of this entire collection, including the palettes, but the New U store I went to had just these that I picked up. Looking at the the lack of color in these pics now
Let's see if I can find the rest at Lifestyle.