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Favourite Shoes & TV Shows

Just a light-hearted post is for everyone who wants to know what tv shows I'm watching these days. But let's mix it up with my favorite things & props.

All are either on Netflix, Prime or Hotstar. I'll mark the ones I'm hooked to with a ☆


✩ Fleabag ~ This is the funniest show I've ever watched! It's a British drama-comedy
I've only watched 5 episodes so far, and I laugh out loud every time. Watch it, ladies.

☆ Big Little Lies ~ Season 2 is a bit dullsville till now, hope it gets better.

Divorce ~ Just started watching. Starring Sarah Jessica Parker.

Stranger Things ~ Currently on Season 2


Mirzapur ~ Like Sacred Games, even more violence.

Hostages ~ A female doctor & her family are held hostage in their home, because they want her to kill someone she's gonna operate on.

Delhi Crime ~ Based on the Nirbhaya case.

☆ Criminal Justice ~ Murder suspense till the end.

☆ Four More Shots Please ~ India's SATC.

☆ Made In Heaven ~ Wedding planners uncover the secrets behind a big fat Indian wedding.


The Neighbors ~ A Dutch series, with a Desperate Housewives vibe. Also, swinging.

Baby ~  Italian teen drama.

About the Shoes....

Brand: Shuz Touch

Price: Rs.1048 (After discount)

From: Myntra. Link HERE

I got this pair because I liked the ones I wore on my birthday - posted HERE

Hope you're all doing good. 
I was a lil' unwell the last 2 weeks, but now I'm alright.

See you again shortly, in a post where I answer WEIRD questions from Instagram ;p

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Thank you for reading! :)