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Revlon Zinnia

When I was in school, I found on the last page of my Dictionary what I thought was the most beautiful word ~ “Zinnia”
It’s a type of flower, I learnt. 
I’d always go back to look at the word, as if I was afraid it wasn’t real & disappear, or something! Zinnia.... Zinnia.... Zinnia.... Zinnia-na

ZiNNiANA (pronounced: Zinni-yah-nah) was gonna be the name of my future daughter, I decided. 

Just a backstory of how I named the daughter I never had. 

Wearing Revlon Summer Florals Nail Enamel ‘Zinnia’ (which I found while looking for a yellow nail polish that matched my current Instagram theme. About 22 years later.) 

I'm absolutely loving the quality of this one & especially appreciate one very important factor for me - fast-drying.

Price: Rs.225

Just a heads-up, it's for only Rs.191 on Myntra right now, btw. The other day, on sale, it was only for Rs.90!

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