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Cheap & Awesome Makeup Drawer Organizers

How much are you willing to pay for 1 drawer organizer (be it acrylic or plastic)?

Me, no more than Rs.100. Especially when I'd need more than 5.

Which is why I was over the moon when I got these for Rs.50 ($0.8) each! 

I picked up only 4 of them first to test how they'd fit in my drawer. They're perfect, and I needed 10 more for two drawers. 7 in each. I went back to the shop, but they weren't available at the time. 

I got 2 white & 2 grey, coz I wasn't sure which color I wanted. Now I know I want only white.

Other available colors: Black, Pink, Purple, etc.

Bigger sizes are also available in the same design.