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Home Shopping : My Favorite Pieces

That Yellow! I am utterly IN LOVE with it at the moment! The couch doesn't fit in or match the couches we already have and it's not soft and plushy enough, otherwise.......and yes, I want that table too! So matching with the yellow couch, no? =D 

These are pictures I took in Lifestyle Home Centre of the things I really liked. I wanted to share, in case you all are looking for similar pieces......or just for inspiration.

I just love this dresser! The 'belt-type' leather pullers are so creative <3 Ooh...and that stool!
There's a matching chest of drawers too - see it in the mirror there.

Price: Rs.27,960

I've been on the hunt for a bed with a quilted headboard for a while now, and this is the only one I've found so far. It's nice, but I want a taller headboard. I think this was Rs.52,000-62,000.

That's all for today. Did you like anything?

Thank You for reading. Talk again soon!


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