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Clinique Cheek Pop Blushers Now In India!

I'd been waiting for these a looong time!

Gone to Clinique specially several times since March to ask if they'd been launched.

Always the same reply ~ "Not until August."

Last week, they were finally at the Select City Walk Mall store.

But only the first 2 shades at the top ~ Berry Pop & Plum Pop.

Bottom 2 shades, Peach Pop & Ginger Pop, hadn't arrived yet. SA said they'll also be launched soon.

 I didn't pick up any, coz there were no testers!

But I will definitely get one when I've tested them all.

Price ~ Rs.2100 (I know. Sigh)

Are you drooling over these? Which shade do you think looks the best?

Babymoon OOTD | Makeup I Packed

What's a Babymoon? A vacation you take before the baby comes. It's supposed to be like a Honeymoon. Most people head abroad, but we stayed in the city, because I can't handle long journeys - even when I wasn't pregnant. I need to take a tablet to prevent air/motion sickness every time I travel far.
We went to stay in Delhi at Svelte Personal Suites Hotel. The one on top of Select City Walk Mall. Just for 3 days. 3 days of only eating & shopping! It was fun to be a tourist (well, sort of) in your own city. We discovered good shops & restaurants that we probably wouldn't have otherwise. This was what I wore on the last day. It's my favorite dress.....
The hotel has a terrace pool. As you can see, it was very windy. Control the flying dress or flying hair?