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Products Of The Week: The Body Shop Strawberry Range

A couple weeks ago:
Me: "I want strawberries."

Family: "Oh, they're not in season right now. Why, you're craving them?"

Me: "Yes.", I lied.

I wasn't craving them, I wanted to click pictures of them along with these Strawberry goodies from The Body Shop. Yeah, I'd eat them afterwards - sprinkled with powdered sugar....mmm - but they'd have to pose for pictures first ;p

CZhome: Dressing Room Curtains, Finally!

Hi, Everyone! Just a quick update on the furnishings & decor of new home. I finally got curtains for my dressing room last week, and I am quite happy with them.
My first plan was to get floral curtains, and was kinda liking the ones below.....3rd white/grey......