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OOTD: 21 Weeks Pregnant + Baby Gender Predictions

Firstly, this is an old dress that I don't like and never wear. It's made of those thin t-shirt fabrics that reveal what type of chaddi (underwear) you're wearing. Why did I buy it then? Well, it was on sale at this store in Kuala Lumpur called Nichii. I think 50-70% off, so we don't think twice in those situations - no, we don't. I wore it here coz it's clingy enough to show the bump properly, but it's not too tight & suffocating like my bodycon dresses.
And before people get started on the high heels, *rolls eyes*, I don't walk in them. They're just for pictures. Actually, heels that aren't too high are said to be better for your back and spine. I myself feel more comfy in kitten heels than ballet flats. Of course when your tummy gets bigger, heels may not be able to keep your body in balance. That's just common sense.
So on to baby gender talk! I'm no Ross Gellar, I would definitely want to know the gender of my baby beforehand. I had an ultrasound a couple of weeks ago, and it took all my willpower to not ask the Radiologist (You can't ask, you'd have signed a legal document beforehand). Tell me, tell me, woman! I gots to know! Ooh....look, I'll give you this lipstick!
*For Non-Indian readers: Pre-natal sex determination is illegal in India, because.....oh, you can google the details. I don't want to talk about backward people.
 Below are some of the Old Wives' Tales on how to tell if you're carrying a Boy or a Girl. Some I've heard of before, some that I dug up online: