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I have a vivid memory of one shopping trip I had at Debenhams in Dundee (Scotland). I was at the YSL counter- lost in lipstick swatching, and then I heard 2 women chatting with the (my) YSL SA about 3 feet from where I was standing: "........from INGLOT.......yes......for my engagement......so good.....hehe....." Suddenly my mind was *alert* and I looked up. The 2 women were of Indian or Middle Eastern origin, I wasn't sure. From what I understood, one of them just got engaged & the wedding date was approaching. I struggled with a thought- Should I? Interrupt them like a nosy person? Nah, I shouldn't. I'll just google. Ahh....I gots to know!
I walked towards them & pretended to ask the YSL SA something about the lipstick I was holding, and then I casually added: "Inglot is here in Dundee?" Luckily, I didn't get weird/annoyed looks. They told me it's only in Aberdeen, another small city about 1 hour away from Dundee.
The point of my story is, not many cities are lucky enough to have Inglot. In India, it is available in about 8 cities! It's not a store you can live without once you've had a taste (bite?) of it.
I had gone to the store in Select City Walk Mall (New Delhi) last Friday, and had such a fun time customizing palettes and oggling at all the nail polishes (My God, I want them ALL!!!) Just wanted to share the pics I took inside the store.....
Inglot Berry Collection