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Lipstick BAN!

I feel like I'd been running. 
My heart - it's beating a mile a minute. 
I can do this. 
It's not like I'm doing something scary.
Like, bungee jumping....
or giving a Walking Dead walker a makeover!
It's a good thing. 
I have a good feeling about it.
I feel rich already!  
Maybe I'll buy an IPL team one day.
I know nothing about Cricket, but still.
I'll sit near the field... wearing a white hat with black sunglasses & MAC Ruby Woo.
Very Jacqueline Kennedy - with a modern touch.
Virat Kohli, Nita Ambani, Preity Zinta & Shahrukh Khan will cordially wave hello.
Maybe Forbes will.....
Oh, stop it!

Hello, my fellow lipstick lovers! I'll just rip the band-aid off real quick and say it. I'M BANNING LIPSTICK SHOPPING. Meaning: I will not be buying lipsticks & lip glosses anymore....this year.

Reason for Lipstick Ban: Because I'm looking at bigger things (not IPL team), and I want to start saving. I have a fairly addictive personality, and I hoard quite a lot of things - not just makeup & shoes. Right now, it's furniture & home stuff. So, I feel I need to cut back somewhere. After a lot of pondering and making a number of wretched faces, it's lipsticks that didn't get cancelled out from the list of options. Oh, I'm also reading a book about spending less...taking a good look at where your money goes....how little things add up....blah blah blah. I've only read a few pages, but it has made me feel guilty already.
Just to give an idea of the how things add up part, let's take a look at how much have already gone to lipsticks this year - from the month of January to April only:

 MAC Lipstick- Rs.990
MAC Lipstick - Rs.990
Lancome Lipstick- Rs.1750
Revlon Lipstick - Rs.800
Revlon Lipstick - Rs.800
Revlon Lipstick - Rs.800
Bourjois Lipstick - Rs.995
Maybelline Lip Gloss - Rs.350

Total = Rs.7475.

8 lipsticks in 4 months, which makes it 2 lipsticks per month. If I go at the same rate (possibly more, judging by my MAC & YSL lipstick wishlist), I'll be saving roughly over.....Okay, I'll stop now. We don't really talk about money here. And honestly, we don't really know how to calculate.

Ban Duration:  Till Christmas, or sometime next year. Yes, I'm that serious.

When does it start? Already started. BUT I will - I should - allow myself to buy one to tw---three lipsticks that have long been on my wishlist for my birthday this month. This was a sudden decision, and I never had that last drink! So, it'll officially start from June.

Update: When it's over, I will write a post on how this ban changed my life - if it did.

If you would like to join me in this, then every week we'll take out 3-5 lipsticks that we'll use that week. This way, we show some love to all those lipsticks that we shove to the corner of the drawer because we keep buying new ones.
I'll be picking 5 lipsticks from my stash every week and post pics on my Instagram. I'll try not to cheat & stick to the ones I've picked.

I hope this BAN will inspire you in some way. If not to stop buying stuff and saving, then maybe to make that small change in your life that you have been thinking about.

Good Luck to us all! =D

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