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Unboxing Mail....

Like A Boss.

Have you met my Nici Lion? Mr.CZ gifted him to me years ago, and now he lives in my room. He looks so relaxed & lazy with his wobbly legs when I lay him on the rug, that he reminds me of myself these days =D

Today, I sat with him & we unboxed some goodies that came in the mail.

The Body Shop Strawberry Range ~ Body Butter, Shower Gel & Body Mist.

Maybelline Colossal Box ~ A cute 3-tier box with some Colossal products.

Blonde Wig & Weaving Cap from Ebay ~ Waited weeks for this!

Have A Good Day, Everyone! =)

Thank You for reading & talk again soon.


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Lakmé Brown Eyeconic Kajal

After the success of the Black Eyeconic Kajal (I did a post on it here), Lakmé  launched 5 more shades - Brown, White, Green, Grey & Blue. Brown pencil liners are my ultimate must-haves, so I couldn't wait to try this one!
Claims: No Smudge, Waterproof, Lasts for 10 hours.

Lakmé Brown Eyeconic Kajal Swatch

The Good:
It is not soft like a kohl pencil, so it's quite matte. This makes it really smudge-proof & long-lasting. When you wear it on your top lash line, it won't transfer on to your lids (you ladies with hooded lids know what I'm talking about)

It could also work as an eyebrow pencil if dark brows suit you.

The Bad:
Because it is not soft, it doesn't glide on your waterline easily. I have to draw a few times for the brown to transfer.

The texture can feel a bit too stiff for the delicate eye areas, like the waterline. The other day, I had that uneasy feeling of 'something-is-in-my-eye', which lasted a while.

In Short: 
Good on lash line.
Not So Good on waterline & inner rims.

It's not a product I'd want to buy again, but it's a decent budget liner. In this price range, there's really not a lot of options when it comes to brown eye pencils here in India. So, if I ever have to suggest one that's under 300 bucks to a friend or a student on a budget, this will most probably be it.

Price ~ Rs.250.

My Rating:

Have you all tried this? Would love to know your favorite brown pencil liner!