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Outfit ~ Red Lace Dress

Something happened today:
So I was alone in the bathroom brushing my teeth at around 7:30 in the evening. The water was running, I rinsed.....and just when I was turning off the tap.....I hear a sound....like a baby talking...."Uhh....." You know, like baby gibberish. I shut the tap off, and looked around the bathroom. Silence. Eerie silence. I tried hard not to feel panicky, coz I'm 16 weeks pregnant. I rushed out & called out to husband, who was in the living room.

{Story to be continued at the end of this post.}

If you're familiar with the brand Three Floor, you may have seen a dress exactly like this. But this costs much less. I just love the design & the fit. I didn't know this when I picked it, but there's actually a nude-colored lining under the lace parts - except the sleeves.

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