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New Home

We moved into our new house a couple days back, and every minute since then has been about deciding where everything goes, and getting a lot of pending work done. While I've set up part of my dressing room, my wardrobe is still almost empty!

While I set up some my toys, Mr.CZ arranged some of his. Priorities.... haha!

If you're thinking all is perfect and it's like a honeymoon for us all over again, here's a reality check.......

Yup, we've yet to tackle all those boxes! =[

My summer clothes, shoes, rest of the makeup are all still in some of these boxes.

I have very little clothes with me right now, because when we left for the UK in 2012, I'd left all the summer clothes behind. So, these days, I have to manage with less than 5 sets of home and going-out clothes.

On the bright side, we found a maid who cleans properly, not one of those who tak-tak....foosh-foosh.....finish sweeping & mopping in 15 mins  =D

Thanks For Reading & will share the progress when most things are set up properly!


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