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11 Weeks Baby Bump | New Vanity Room Preview

Well, I'm not sure if it's 11 weeks or more, coz they'll confirm the exact due date during my next ultrasound. You know, I don't even have a permanent Ob-Gyn right now, because I'm staying in Delhi, but I'll be moving to Gurgaon, so I'll have to find one in Gurgaon. Up until now, I've seen two temporary Ob-Gyns in Apollo Hospital - one lazy (and she burped loudly while talking to me!), one nice. I have to say, I don't like that hospital, it's so crowded - like a train station!
A big THANK YOU to the lovely ladies who told me about BabyCentre app in this post. I wouldn't have known about it otherwise. Now I read it daily & it was the one that told me to take a belly photo some weeks ago =D
It may not look like much of a bump, but I'm finding all my pants uncomfortable & I unbutton these jeans most of the time. I'm going to order a few of those maternity jeans soon.