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Make Your Own Banana Powder

For months and months I've been trying to get a good deal on a Ben Nye Banana Powder, but it's always very expensive online - the shipping cost mostly. If you don't know what Banana Powder is, it's this very hyped yellow translucent powder made famous by Kim K. It seems to suit all skin tones & looks like a great highlighting powder. Lots of people are making money on Ebay by selling samples of it in little plastic pouches. I want the 1.5 oz bottle, but now I'm tired of looking! Only today I found the powder online for $15....I was excited....until I saw shipping was $19.99! Da fudge! Maybe I'll just wait for Ben Nye to come to India.
Ben Nye Banana Powder pic

Let me tell you what led me to do this DIY.....
Star's Yellow Matt Translucent Powder, Rs.225 ~ I saw this super inexpensive yellow powder on Jabong, and I thought "Ooh....maybe it's a Banana Powder DUPE!" I ordered (excitedly), and it arrived some days later. After testing it, I found it too yellow......