Looking For Something?


Dear Baby CZ.....

When I found out,
The first thing I thought of was a thin white paper stick.
No, it's not my bad habit....
Not even "just like that" anymore (this is for people whom I've partied with in the past.)
It's a lingering thought, but it's only a face of panic in my mind that is slowly fading away.

In short, I didn't handle the whole thing well. I guess not everyone can be all pumped up with joy (How I get Miranda Hobbes even more now!)

I'm getting used to it, and I'm starting to feel excited & "normal":

 ~ Wanting to drink a bucket jug of Haldiram's Gol Gappa Water.

~ Hating Garam Masala & Raymond (Everybody Loves Raymond)

~ Sometimes, sudden burst of tears in the shower. Happy or sad, I don't know.

~ Craving Indian wear - Sarees, Lehengas, big chunky jewelry including nose rings. I also want to dress up like my in-laws' maid. I might one of these days.

~ Not loving tea so much anymore (Shocker! You know I'm a tea addict.)

~ Liking Mr.CZ again ;p

~ Enthu about SHOPPING (more makeup, more furniture)....

and BLOGGING again (Sorry I was not all here for days. This + not finding an apartment until now have made me very moody & uninspired. I will make up for it!)

I didn't want to make it all baby talk, so I included some new goodies:
MAC Vegas Volt Lipstick, MAC 239 Brush, Maybelline Lip Polish Glam 9, Paperchase Valentine's Pen With Charm, Primark Hairband.

***This also proves i-Can Pregnancy Test is accurate and it gets a good review from me...hehe! =D