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Lakmé Absolute Gloss Stylist Pink Pout Photos, Swatches

Let me tell you a bad kiss story of a girl I know very well:
This girl went to meet a boy one evening. A boy she'd been friends with for a while, and then began chatting on the phone with. You know, typical romance story. When she came to see me afterwards that same evening, she was wearing a shiny pink lip gloss that was just a little bit lighter than this one. The center of her upper lip was swollen, and the lip gloss doubled it's swell. She must have thought the gloss would cover up the sting from her rendezvous. I said nothing, and just stared pointedly at the elephant's bottom on her upper lip, while she talked nervously. She knew that I knew.
When she couldn't take the awkwardness anymore, she blurted out: "The idiot bit me.", and then we had a good laugh.
Moral Of The Story: Never pick a shiny lip gloss to cover up a bad kiss, ladies! =D
About Lakmé Absolute Gloss Stylist:
Now get super luscious lips with this revolutionary gloss that incorporates unique light reflecting powders and shiny polymers for a high shine & coverage lacquered finish.
Available in 6 shades.
The applicator is a rectangular-shaped fuzzy thing that collects a good amount of gloss with one dip