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Lakmé Absolute Illusion Collection For Summer 2014

Lakmé & Rajesh Pratap Singh,  grand finale designer for Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/ Resort 2014, launched Lakmé Absolute Illusion, the latest fashion week collection that will create magic on the runway on 16th March 2014.

Inspired by illusions, the Grand Finale of Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2014 will be a magnificent interplay of light and color through make-up and outfits that are true to the designer’s signature style.
Lakmé Absolute Illusion will comprise of eight metallic shimmer eyeshadow monos and four limited edition nail colors. Lakmé’s trend forecast for the season is dominated by bold lustrous eyes in metallic pearl hues of Pink, Gold, Blue, Black, Starlight and Peach.
Lakmé Absolute Color Illusion Pearl Eyeshadow can be used wet for a molten look or dry for a metallic finish. The limited edition Lakmé Absolute Color Illusion Nails come in four dual tone shades that are sure to be this season's must-haves.
The products will hit stores across India from March 21st 2014 onwards with Lakmé Absolute Color Illusion Pearl Eyeshadow priced at Rs.750 and Lakmé Absolute Color Illusion Nails priced at Rs.200.

Are we excited about this collection? Your eyes also fixed on that deep green eyeshadow in the 2nd pic? ;)

His & Hers Lace Up Shoes

Just some fun clicking time with our new shoes. Did I tell you I like shopping for men's shoes too? =D

His: Skechers.

Hers: New Look. Will wear them in an outfit post someday.

New furniture in pics - coffee table & tv station. Can't wait for decor posts! Nope, we haven't got the apartment yet, but we're getting close =)

Thank You for reading & I will talk to you again soon!


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Lancôme Rouge In Love Rose Boudoir Dupe?

Here is proof that this is my favorite lipstick shade. I've had my eye on Lancôme Rouge In Love Rose Boudoir for months, after trying the first shade I bought, Midnight Rose (post here). When I got Bourjois Rouge Edition Fraise Remix, I fell in love with it, but I didn't realize that the shades are very very similar.....until a couple days ago. Some people might feel disappointed having bought a lipstick shade they already had in the first place, but for dupe-hunting beauty bloggers like myself, it is one of the best feelings. Like you've conquered something. Ya, conquer type of feeling. Like in chess......okay, I know nothing about chess.