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Inexpensive Acrylic Lipstick Stand For Rs.273 | $4 | £2

You know what is the best thing about moving back to India and finally settling down in one city? Now I get to shop for home stuff! Haven't got a home yet, haha (sigh, new new problems keep arising), but the new furniture has started to come in. For over a year, I'd browse Ebay for makeup storage things, and just look longingly at them coz I couldn't buy these bulky things in UK. Now I'm like a cow who'd been locked in a shed for too long!

So to kick-start the makeup storage items, I ordered this Acrylic Lipstick Holder/Stand. Just one because I wanted to see the quality first .
It can hold 24 lipsticks.
I love that it's step-step (yes, step-step) and not flat.