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Dream Layered Hair Cut And Style

I've just booked an appointment for a haircut, and I'm feeling very nervous! Although my natural & uncurled hair no longer has any shape, I'm afraid they'll ruin it.... haha! I want layers, but not the choppy step-by-step kind. Below is a video I found on YouTube, and I'm blown away by the technique.

Isn't he amazing?!

That style is egg-jackly what I want!

I wish I could take off my head and attempt to do it myself =D

I will show a pic of the final result to my hairstylist today. Let's see if he/she will be able to achieve something similar.

More pics I found on google....

 Longer version of this.

Longer version of this too.

[ALWAYS take a picture of what you want. Most times, they act like they understand exactly what you're talking about, and then they give you something totally different (to cry about). Been there.]

Good Luck meeee!