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H&M Makeup Brushes ~ Rose Gold & Fabulous!

I'm not that interested in Gold. I'm talking about Real Gold. Yes, I don't mind wearing it and all, but I don't have to have it, and I know nothing about it...carats-carrots and all that. But sometimes I find myself in the middle of a discussion about Midas's doom:
  • "Invest in gold. Gold is a great investment!"
  • "Buy gold biscuits from Thailand. They're cheap."
  • "Now there's import charge on gold in India, so it costs more."
I avoid saying anything ignorant, and just nod wisely like I understand egg-jackly what they're talking about, but in my head: Shoes and makeup are also great investments, I think....Gold biscuits? Like those square chocolates in golden wrapping? Same size as Parle-G biscuits, I'm guessing....Yup, import charge on MAC cosmetics too....Umm, I don't really understand this import business....Lananana-nana....kthush!
But artificial gold stuff are a different story. Now those I find very attractive, especially when they come in the form of accessories & beauty tools, e.g. gold makeup brushes like these H&M ones that I'm so happy I spotted some days before I left UK.....