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Over The Knee Boots

Hi everyone, welcome to my first shoe post on my new blog!
I've always been a fan of over-the-knee socks (Since 2009, Britney Spears, hit me baby one more time!), so I couldn't help falling for Over The Knee or Thigh High Boots when I saw they've made a comeback. These were Limited Edition, and the last pair in my size.
Long story short: I saw and tried a pair, they looked a lil' dusty (you know how exposed suede gets), I decided to order online, only big sizes sold online, I went back to store, couldn't see my size, asked SA, she said they're sold out, I thought about the dusty pair fondly, I went back to the where the boots were hung to put back the big size I was holding, I decided to check one last time, I sat on my ankles & lifted up one boot at a time, then there they were between 6 and 7! The same dusty ones, but this time, they didn't look so dusty anymore. =)
My favorite kind of thigh high boots (and knee-high boots, for that matter) are the ones that cling to legs almost like socks. My preferred material is suede, but I wouldn't be opposed to soft plushy leather either. I would probably stay away from patent leather.... I didn't really admire them in Pretty Woman either, although I LOVE the movie & Julia Roberts' in it.
Super windy day, so my hair literally attacked my face from all angles! Bye bye curls.

Welcome To My SHOE BLOG!

Hi, Hello! First of all, I'm sowwiee for disappearing for a week. Lost my energy after travelling back from Scotland to New Delhi, and I caught a throat/sinus prob, that was accompanied by a condition called "Phantosmia" (I found out the term when I turned to Dear Google one sleepless night = relieved that I'm not crazy.) It basically means I was smelling things that aren't there! I smelled - wait for it - gasoline, paint (hate both!) I'd lie in bed under the quilt and both scents would hit my nose simultaneously. Top note: wet paint, Base Note: gasoline. I suspected the oil radiator and got it taken out of our room...then I suspected the bed covers/detergent, my hands, my hair, Mr.CZ....haha! This phantom smell actually made my eyes water a couple times. It was milder last night, so let's see if it needs a special checkup. Anyone ever experienced this weird condition?
Anyways, enough about that! Our NEW BLOG is finally up! And SHOES it is! Good guessing to some of you ;) I meant to launch it last week from Edinburgh- but got busy and exhausted. Then last night - but for the very first time in 4 years of blogging, my layout messed up and froze! I had to change the whole template that I'd spent days to customize. There's a reason for everything, right?
I thought of one reason. I think I was meant to happen today, the 22nd January. My birth date is 22nd, so obviously it's my favorite number.
 2 + 2 = 4
I started this blog on 13th August, 2009.
1 + 3 = 4
Okay, I'll stop now. Please don't go away! Back to welcome speech....
Welcome to my NEW blog! I've been thinking about this for about 2 years now, and it's finally up- My 2nd blog! Didn't I tell you I want 2 of everything? ;)

Blog Name: CZloves (pronounced: Cee-Zee Loves) ~ Shoes & Life Of A Beauty Blogger.

Website: www.cz-loves.com. (Please don't forget the - hyphen after cz! Turned out plain czloves was already taken by some Chinese website =\)

What you'll see on CZloves: Aside from Shoes, I will be posting about Life stuff. That means random photos, food/cooking, decor, shopping, crafts, even makeup and beauty (because I can't help it!), etc, etc. I want to keep it light and spontaneous, so I'll focus more on pictures, like photo blogging. Let's see what else could happen! =D

Indian Vanity Case & CZloves will co-exist, like sisters with different personalities- different content & pictures. IVC will still be my first priority and it will continue like before, but I'm gonna give my best to CZloves as well. If you come here, and there's no new post, you can just click on the My Shoe Blog tab up near the header (maybe I've yet to add it), and you'll probably see a new update there! 
Please click HERE to see my 1st shoe post  + I've put a couple mini posts #justlikethat 

I hope you'll leave a comment letting me know what you think and follow if you want to stay updated! =) 

P.S:  The design and layout still needs a lot of work, so please ignore if anything looks off. A lot is.  Right now, I've just done the most difficult thing - START!