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Baby CZ Guest Blogs ~ 3 Pweety Presents For Girls

I am now 7 weeks old! Can you believe my indecisive parents haven't decided on my name yet?! But they're getting there! =)

Today, I'll be showing you 3 Pweety Presents you can gift your special girls during this festive month, be it your wife, girlfriend, sister or mom! These are just the ones I got for my Mommy, and only to give you an idea, so you can always pick your own shtuff.

Let's get started!

1. A Hand Cream ~ In a cute container - like a Castle! Every girl wants her own castle. This is from Etude House. Mommy will do a detailed post on it shortly, stay tuned. 
If not hand cream, then perfume!

2. SHOES! Okay, these my Daddy got for Mommy 2 weeks after I was born. He sweetly went to the store to get some pairs for her while she stayed home to look after me.

3. A Scarf ~ This is Mommy's favorite! She is in lahv with the lace, pleated fabric and blush color. It is quite wide and can also be used as a wrap.....or maybe a dupatta! It's from Forever New, got it on sale & it was the last one!

As you can see, color-coordinated pressies always look nice!

Indian Vanity Case ~ Suitable for kids....and boys! =)

Okies, Good Night Everyone!

Thank You So Much to all who wish me well & say such wonderful things about me. I hope you are all doing good & staying happy, too! <3

P.S: Look at my thumb in the 1st pic. Mommy doesn't let me suck on it (Coz she has seen 5-year-olds who couldn't break the habit!), but she herself nibbles on my fingers and hands! =\


  1. Loving CZ baby... He is super adorable just like her mom... :)

  2. You remember that Ponds ad? The one that went "googly woogly whoosh"? Yes that's what junior CZ's cheeks remind me of. He's so cute and adorable. And if you think we're interested in product pics when his pics are there in the post... Forget it!
    Enjoy this phase Cynthia, coz these brats grow up real fast and before you know it, you'll be chauffeuring him to birthday parties and football classes ;)

  3. Aww.. Such a cute post... Baby CZ looks extremely adorable. Hope you decide on the name soon.. Loved your gifts too..

  4. It looks like the little man has already developed distinct facial features :) Whom does he resemble?

  5. Love the post and also your cutie boy :) Happy Motherhood, would try to get the etude house hand cream, packaging looks so cute, love the colors of both the shoes and stole

  6. I've a feeling that Baby CZ looks like his daddy :D And look at those cheeks :D

  7. Great post and adorable baby........

  8. Welcome to the bloggin world baby CZ :) You sure know the ladies well :D You look handsome too :*

  9. Haven't seen a post loaded with such cuteness in the past..!!

  10. Cynthia, your son has got your features ;) very cute boy :*

  11. he is a cutie... :) nd look at the poses he is making! a hero in making :)

  12. aww..my CZ's bubbles....

  13. This is the cutest post i have ever read...totally loved it.

  14. Aww Baby CZ is a total sweetheart. In fact his cheeks and that cuty puty yawning is swwet like a bar of chocolate with caramel and marshmallows.

  15. my comment didn't get published........... It's been so many days i wrote here in this post :( :( still i luv baby CZ cutie-pie ..........:) <3

  16. Omg... such a bundue of cuteness.. may God bless him!


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