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Home Shopping : My Favorite Pieces

That Yellow! I am utterly IN LOVE with it at the moment! The couch doesn't fit in or match the couches we already have and it's not soft and plushy enough, otherwise.......and yes, I want that table too! So matching with the yellow couch, no? =D 

These are pictures I took in Lifestyle Home Centre of the things I really liked. I wanted to share, in case you all are looking for similar pieces......or just for inspiration.

I just love this dresser! The 'belt-type' leather pullers are so creative <3 Ooh...and that stool!
There's a matching chest of drawers too - see it in the mirror there.

Price: Rs.27,960

I've been on the hunt for a bed with a quilted headboard for a while now, and this is the only one I've found so far. It's nice, but I want a taller headboard. I think this was Rs.52,000-62,000.

That's all for today. Did you like anything?

Thank You for reading. Talk again soon!


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  1. The white themed bed looks good..

  2. I've totally fallen for that yellow couch too! These days I'm loving pastel yellow ^_^

  3. Quilted headboard are easily available in market and at much lower prices. I have mine in Dark chocolate brown. You can buy these from Kirti Nagar market, Jheel, Jail road there is huge variety and option available there

    1. Oh? Then I will maybe go have a looksee!


  4. hey Sonia! Thanks for telling me about IDUS...saw some nice beds! Might visit it sometime soon. Too bad that dresser is too short for you =\ Maybe you should just get a table & get a custom mirror made and hung. All the best with the search n decorating :)


  5. Cynthia , if you plan to visit idus , pls visit natuzzi also.. We reached there at the closing time so couldn't see their entire range but they have top notch quality leather furniture. Darn expensive but wow loungers ...you can check their website also. For beds I liked Arterio also all foreign brands ..I wish I had a swiss bank account to blindly buy their stuff ;)


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