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The Housemaid & The Hate

I want to do a traditional Indian OOTD,
A saree. Ya, I've never worn a saree before.
Something sheer, but not too sheer,
Something blingy, but not to bli.....
*Spots in-laws' maid*
Why do I want to wear what she's wearing? 
Especially that big red bindi.
Dress up like a maid instead! 
'LOTD: Maid' (Nah)
'Maid Inspired Makeup Look' (Nah!)
Use the word 'Transform' instead.
'I Transform Into A Maid' (Better)
'I Transform Into An Indian Maid' (Umm....)
'I Transform Into An Indian Housemaid' (YES!)
Click pictures with broomstick, with mop, etc.
Ooh....and speech bubbles!
Make her talk like that funny guy we used to follow on Twitter (gosh, what's his name???)
Like Russel Peters' stage accent.
Like you speak in the shower when you're smelling a new body wash....
'Ismel....Ismel likes.....'

Those thoughts became a blog post 3 months later. I named the housemaid 'Khalida', and she became popular. The pageviews went through the roof, and so did the hate.
Most of us don't like all this drama. When I'm done with a blog post, I'm done with it. But I had to do this for the readers who are very upset about the mudslinging on this post. The fights got out of control over the last few days, so I hope this will put an end to it.

One: I simply dressed as a traditional Indian Housemaid. That's it. Most of my regular readers saw the post for what it was. They just got it. Some didn't, and they made it into something that it's not. Class, underprivileged, skin color, blah, blah, blah. They tore it apart, and picked up only the pieces that they hoped would prick the poor housemaid. The housemaid that I CREATED! The housemaid from MY HEAD! The housemaid I shopped for, picked out jewelry for (the earrings had to match the saree), and imagined dyeing my hair black temporarily for (which I would've done if I weren't pregnant). All that thought and effort just so I could mock her, you say? Wow.                  
While you're thinking so deep, ask yourself one question: Did you think it was offensive because you really thought my intentions were cruel, OR; did me emulating a maid make you feel uncomfortable because it made you question your humility? Because you would never dress up like a housemaid, because you think it's beneath you?

Two: I did not make the maid dark-skinned. Why would I? There are maids of all colors. I only applied bronzer, to make my skin look sunburned. I also did that to make myself look more "transformed". If I were going for dark skin, I would have used a darker foundation everywhere - face, arms, navel. So don't even try to pick on that. Keep the outdated discriminating thoughts you were brought up with to yourself. I grew up in a culture that doesn't equate social status with skin color.

Three: I've been doing this for quite a long time, and I am so used to internet trolls and hate comments in general. They really don't bother me, especially the unintelligent ones laced with plain old spite. Trolls/haters just want to be noticed & acknowledged. Most of them most probably had a bad upbringing or a dull & uneventful life, so they take their frustrations out somewhere else or seek drama on the internet. So it gives me great pleasure to ignore them. Some are even more frustrated that I don't reply to their useless comments! Sorry, but I'd rather take a nap.

Four: This is for Hateful Anonymous Commenters. Just because you leave a comment anonymously, doesn't mean you're invisible. See there's this thing called IP Address. You leave a comment, you leave a part of your identity along with it. Once someone has you IP Address, they can find out everything else about you.

So next time you decide to spew hate on here and harass the other readers, not only will I publicly post your IP address, I will also * BLOCK * you from ever reading this blog. Then you won't be able to stalk my blog for hours and hours every single day, and then leave a stink whenever you feel like it - similar to that phrase "Shi**ing where you eat", don't ya think?
For example: Most of the detestable comments came from 1 person, who also pitifully posted multiple comments & posed as different commenters. A certain Miss.Shimla, who keeps a better record of my life than I do. IP Address: Hello! Thin line between love & hate, eh? :)

Lastly: If you are looking for the ideal blogger, I'm looking for the ideal audience. If you saw that post as offensive, then it's better you leave and never come back. Who knows, tomorrow I might decide to write or do something that you will again misunderstand! You don't like the contents of a magazine, stop buying it. You don't like the contents of a FREE blog, think of it as a shampoo freebie you'll never open & eventually forget about.
It's posts like this that allow me to weed out short-sighted readers I don't want, and pull in more like-minded readers - yes, YOU with the awesome sense of humor!
I'd do the look all over again. I think it is one of the FUN-nest I'd ever done, and it was with the best intention. If you didn't get (or read) my point, fine. Just don't come here and keep pushing why you think it's offensive like I'm a child, and then try hard to make everyone agree with you. You can take your lecture some place where it's appreciated - like your own home, not a stranger's blog on the internet.
I know what I'm doing. I know what my loyal readers like and why they keep coming back.
Just because this is a Makeup & Beauty Blog, I'm not gonna look & dress like a fancy thing all-the-time. Because, on the inside, I'm not fancy at all! My posts will more often than not come off as unconventional and eccentric, because they're the type that interest me....they're my FAVRIT!

I'll never again make a post like this in the future, because......


  1. People will always find something to crib and bitch about. You're fabulous CZ. Don't let the haters get to you!

  2. Dear CZ, when I saw the post I was like OMG! It was like light hearted humor. But since you are pregnant, I will suggest you not to take these matters personally. Stay happy and surround yourself with positive thoughts. Take care 😊

  3. Cynthia , I would propose you to beef up the security of your blog.lot of bloggers allow comments only after a sign up. That way they smartly separate and allow favouble comments to get posted. Its a safety measure to keep internet trolls at bay at the same time they create a false aura of congeniality / popularity in front of their readers! Killing two birds with one stone u see ;) jokes apart ... tighten up the blog security dear. Love always , your stalwart supporter , one and only one Sonia ♡♥♡♥

  4. oops...I understand sometimes being in public definitely gets on to chill CZ..Don't take stress...ur preggo as it is...I probably agree with enhancing the blog security if needed...
    Smita | missprettypink

  5. Well said Cynthia. . U r great blogger. Ignore such hate comments. .

  6. "You might be the juiciest, ripest, sweetest peach but there will still be people who hate peaches." This seemed so apt for you and your blog. You are extremely pretty, talented and creative and your blog is seriously the best! Ignore the trolls and the haters and continue doing what you do. <3

  7. you are awesome!

  8. I am both, a silent reader and fan. There was nothing even slightly offensive about the maid post. Every one draws differently from looking at a piece of art and your blog, to me, is like art. So don't let yourself be bothered by what the trolls say.

  9. Hey don't let the haters get to you....I have been reading your blog close to 3 years now...very silently and I absolutely love it...The post was fun and seems like u took lot of efforts so don't let these useless people get to u...
    I love your blog and the sincerity and the dedication you put in it is marvellous. you...girl...just have happy thoughts. .. <3 <3

  10. Idk why few people were lashing out like that. I think it was a fun post and I even showed it to my mom, she had a good laugh :D You don't need to explain :) Btw loved the FAVRIT part ;) :D

  11. Hi,

    First of all I really like your blog. I read it a lot and I don't comment that often but I have to say something now.

    I'm not in that whole Indian scene but I do know quite a lot about it. In my country it isn't usual to have a house maid and I'm not saying that it is a bad thing, but I found that other transformation post very offensive and not funny at all. It was kinda making fun of a profession/a person instead of laughing with them. I know that you didn't have bad intentions but it was poor taste. Maybe you don't see it now, maybe later of never.

    Of course you can't please everyone online but you shouldn't ignore constructive criticism. Without this no one would grow. You're absolutely brilliant, funny and crazy talented, but that last bit of the post above was childish (short: if you don't like it, don't read) and I expected more from you. According to your words I'm short-sighted and not a loyal reader blabla and this is just nonsense. Anyway, this is your blog and you can post whatever you like but trust me on this one, this won't last forever with that kind of attitude and you will lose a lot of readers on this one.

    Btw I love your transformation series (the forgotten girl was so amazing/eery). I would love to see you transform into a character (alien) of the show Dr. Who.

    1. I wholeheartedly agree.

    2. I rarely do blogging these days(you can check my blog for sure if you want),it's been a year actually.1st time I did blogging,I came to your blog and I love your eotd,untill today.Whenever I came here to comment,I always come with positive comment because I did love your eotd,and I think I'll always.However,as someone who is not an Indian,I also agree that the post was not a wise post to do.You can be wiser than that.That's all

    3. I agree with this also. I am a long time reader of your blog too and I was a fan. I say was because I'm sorry to say, with this new post and the kind of arrogant 'eff readers who don't agree with everything I post' tone of it, I won't be coming back and this is my last comment or visit. So yeah you got your wish, only people who agree with everything you post. I commented on that original maid post but I was not rude or abusive at all, I was just explaining why some people, including myself, found it odd or offensive. It's not always 'hate', it's just another point of view. We can surely all agree to disagree. What is so wrong with constructive criticism, and why would you be closed off to other opinions? Without being open to different opinions, there can never be positive change or growth in our lives or any society. Anyhow, you've made your point very clear and in a way it's good that you did this follow-up post, to weed out the 'bad' readers like me. Also, some people post as anonymous because they don't have all those IG, Twitter, FB account type things. It's not always for 'troll' reasons. But anyway good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! (closing the door on the way out LOL).

    4. Why don't I believe her ^^^? LOL :P

    5. Its not constructive criticism, its useless criticism that offended people are giving. In India its not offensive to have housemaids, its more like the norm. People who haven't seen the Indian scenario with their eyes think that she was mocking the maid while those who have see her dress up as an imitation - which is what it actually is. There are many things in other countries that are offensive to Indians but we don't go & thrust our opinions there! Each country has a different norms & learn to respect that

  12. Love You CZ di , i had already made a comment through my name but i saw ppl mocking u so much i thought to comment as an anonymous , usualky i comment as anonymous but put in mybname but i wanted to keep myself hidden when i commented again and some butthurt started to say crap about me ..i don't know what will she get by abusing a person too younger to her ..Thanks a Lot u made a specific post ..To all haters and anonymous behenji's ..Amen and god bless you !! I know CZ will recoganize me here :)

    1. You are so true , the maid that comes to our place is really fair , she isn't dark AT ALL !! miss shimla is probably nuts girl and who the idiot that boy was , who commented crap on ur post , Love ur posts Plzz keep them coming , we knew u never have bad intentions and love this blog and wud keep following always !! <3 SC

  13. Keep it up Cynthia!!
    We are always with you.
    Now please relax yourself as you need rest at this stage.
    Take care of your health.

  14. why are people so mean? Dressing up as a princess is fine, but dressing up as a maid is offending/upsetting? If it offends or upsets someone so much why not contact You in private and have a chat? Why don't have decency to sign a comment with a name? I think You're a great blogger, love Your humorous posts and if people can't treat some of Your posts with a bit of humor or distance...well, it only means they DON'T get it or the're simply jealous and bitter and anything will make a good excuse for the to cause a havoc! Cynthia- Keep calm and carry on :)

  15. my comment vanished somewhere!
    i completely agree with ur post esp point 1 where u said that its them who wont think about dressing up like a maid as its beneath them! its true i feel thats why they see fault in what u did!
    the post was so amazing creativity wise and makeup wise! that goes unnoticed and people find irrelevant topics to discuss! :/

  16. oh my God! I had no idea people actually left hate comments for that post - I thought it was such a fun post - and I think some people are plain J! forget them, I'm awaiting the next post in the series. lots of positive energy to you! keep it up!

  17. I love you for what you are CZooooo, dont bother with the loosers....take care of urself and baby.

    haters get A life PILEEJ

    you are my FAVRIT too czooo....*high five*

  18. The post was offensive. If you can't see or understand that, it only shows that you and I live in two very different worlds and it also illustrates that you are not conscious of your social environment. It has nothing to do with hate, as I still wish you & the blog well. However, I won't be returning to your site, just as you suggested, because I now know through that post that I have nothing to learn from you and nothing to gain from visiting your site. But as I said before, I still hope things will be going good for you. Your blog and your world views just do not correspond with mine (anymore).

    1. Agreed, not everyone are haters but in this case different view is not welcomed and the arrogance is quite obvious here. So its good to leave as well.

    2. Just because she has done a maid post you have nothigng to learn? What did you learn from the Ghost post or the Rockstar post? Btw, are you the same person who was saying people from north-east dress in expensive clothes and mock the poor? What kind of bias is that?

    3. I mean that I don't have or WANT to learn anything from someone who makes offensive posts like that. If someone has a broad world view, takes into account things that happen around the world, the awful situations that some people have to live in - from someone like that I love to learn and visit their blog! But not from someone who makes posts like that.

      I understand that this is a beautyblog and you can't learn facts or actual knowledge here, but I just mean I don't want to be involved with someone who makes posts like that.

      I am actually not that person, I don't know who you are talking about. I rarely leave comments but when I do I always use my name (Niya).

  19. i dont see a point where it was offensive!! Dont give up your peace of mind on such crappy issues CZ, am a silent reader many times and i didnt find a single word which sounded like you put any maid down. Just dressing up like one is offensive?? they need a hit on their head... cuz they cant differentiate between fun and offensive. Besides you dress up less and show more skin, they wouldnt say a word on that. Such idiots we have around, so dont give a damn... continue with your transformation series :D

  20. I did not find the post offensive, I feel that you made a nice gesture by giving housemaids a space on your blog, something which has never been done before! You made fun of the way they speak, but you've something similar with a lot of other people, like SAs and even yourself! It was found offensive by non-Indians mostly, and one Indian who hates you! I bet you knocked her socks off by showing her IP. I strongly suggest you to change the comment system of your blog, try Disqus, Google+ or Intense Debate, they do not allow anonymous comments.

    1. Well,as you can see on the previous post..those who argued the most are Indians(those who live in India,or Indian descendants-see their name and location).Seeing many Indian people argued there,that's why I said the post was not wise.CZ could do better than that.As a non Indian,it seemed that class disparity in India is a big issue.That's what I saw from the argument there.
      You know,IP is never been a problem for hackers..

    2. Hmm I think there was only one Indian ("Miss Shimla") who posed as different people and gave the hate comments.

  21. Hi Cynthia... Ive been reading ur blog for quite some time now.. And the comments on that post got me disturbed as well.. I didn't find the post offensive and I really didn't understand the psyche behind those hurtful comments. Just ignore them.

    Btw, you totally looked the part! Its amazing to see how just altering your appearance can totally transform the way you are perceived. If anything, this transform series is an eye opener for us to not make assumptions about a Amethyst or a Khalida just by just looking at her 'face'. That's not who she really is! :)

  22. We love you Cynthia and we appreciate your creativity, talent and sense of humour all equally :)

  23. cz we all love you! take care of urself and the little baby..muah!

  24. Hey beautiful lady! You tell them you! By the same route of thinking, actresses like Keira Knightly should also be frowned upon for their looks in Les Miserables, Aishwarya Rai going shades darker ON PURPOSE in Dhoom 2, etcetera etcetera. Special thing about artists is that they have ARTISTIC license. They can give their outlook on any thing they want, the way they want. Narrow minded people should just go *&?!* themselves. Seriously. What a stupid thing to riot over. Anyways. Please shut out that negativity for the bun in the oven. And thanks for taking a minute out for this specific blog post. But I agree, you don't need to explain yourself. Stay blessed and gorgeous <3

  25. i completely agree with your points.this post is so amazing...

  26. Well written Cynthia. I visit your blog every once in a while because I love your reviews and writing and went back to check the previous controversial post after I read this one. I must say its hilarious and there is absolutely nothing degrading about it. However, I was amazed to read the kinda stupid hate comments people posted. Anyway, haters gonna hate! So silly. You go girl :)

  27. U r the best CZ. appreciate your effort to post different looks. by the way I miss your review posts. !!
    take care !!

  28. First of all: If you're not bothered by something, then you're probably privileged.

    I certainly don't like to see the amount of hate you received over this, but in all honesty, I'm rather disappointed at how you handled it. If we live in a world where power dynamics and marginalization between classes don't exist, then there would be no problem with you doing what you did. But we do, and I admit I'm not happy to see you dismissing and silencing the concerns of those who are marginalized. No one's asking you to be perfect, however, we do expect you (as well as everyone else) to treat people are people, not costumes. This is also why ethnic stereotypes can be harmful.

    TL;DR: You don't get to decide what people should be okay or not okay with. Not all criticism amounts to personal attack, and good intention can often be the most harmful (hence why actions are judged, not intentions).

    If this comment bother you, feel free to block me. If you do not want my readership solely because I disagree with something you do that I find distasteful, offensive, even, then I'd respect that decision and move on.

  29. hey CZ... you should not be bothered at all by these frustated females... in Sonam Kapoor's language "YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN..." lol..

    This Maid avatar post was AWESOME!... Humour is always the Truth... and Truth is always Bitter... and people just can't take TRUTH positively.... they like living in their bubbles of pseudo wisdom.

    Next time do a avatar of HYPER WOMAN...:P hahaha


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