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Dream Layered Hair Cut And Style

I've just booked an appointment for a haircut, and I'm feeling very nervous! Although my natural & uncurled hair no longer has any shape, I'm afraid they'll ruin it.... haha! I want layers, but not the choppy step-by-step kind. Below is a video I found on YouTube, and I'm blown away by the technique.

Isn't he amazing?!

That style is egg-jackly what I want!

I wish I could take off my head and attempt to do it myself =D

I will show a pic of the final result to my hairstylist today. Let's see if he/she will be able to achieve something similar.

More pics I found on google....

 Longer version of this.

Longer version of this too.

[ALWAYS take a picture of what you want. Most times, they act like they understand exactly what you're talking about, and then they give you something totally different (to cry about). Been there.]

Good Luck meeee!


My MAC Lipstick Collection

I know, I know, I disappeared for more than 3 days again! That's why I wanted to do a big post today. Did you know I'm apartment hunting these days? A lil' more on that at the end of this post.
Immediately after reaching home yesterday, I suddenly wanted to do a MAC Lipstick Collection. It was evening time, and although I spent over half an hour clicking, I ended up not liking the pictures. So these are the 2nd batch, and I'd gone out in the garden to set them up. Luckily, only 2 people saw me lining up the lippies like it's the most important job in the world - the mali (gardener) & one man talking on his phone on a terrace next door. Maybe more people saw, but I was lost......

I arranged them color-wise, so you can compare between similar shades.


Bourjois Glamour Fantasy Perfume Photos

We landed in Indira Gandhi International Airport. Only one thing was on my mind. Something luxury I saw in Amsterdam, but was too expensive. I assumed I'll see the same in India duty-free and it'll be less expensive, and I'll be happy.... and everything will be right with the world again. After standing like a robot in migration, I headed straight to duty-free. Something luxury wasn't available, sadly. Instead, I spotted something I'd blogged about before (here) and had almost forgotten about ~ Bourjois Perfumes. Was disappointed that there were no testers, and I couldn't have a look at what the bottles looked like, but I knew if I didn't buy it then, I may not get my hands on it, coz who knows if they'll launch it in the stores here. Also, there were only 2 types available out of the 4 that were introduced - this & the purple one called Glamour Excessive. I picked this, Glamour Fantasy.
About: This fruity fragrance opens with a gourmet of cherry and raspberry macaroon. In the heart, sweet strawberry & jasmine in a wonderful floral bouquet. In the end, an intense and heady patchouli.


H&M Makeup Brushes ~ Rose Gold & Fabulous!

I'm not that interested in Gold. I'm talking about Real Gold. Yes, I don't mind wearing it and all, but I don't have to have it, and I know nothing about it...carats-carrots and all that. But sometimes I find myself in the middle of a discussion about Midas's doom:
  • "Invest in gold. Gold is a great investment!"
  • "Buy gold biscuits from Thailand. They're cheap."
  • "Now there's import charge on gold in India, so it costs more."
I avoid saying anything ignorant, and just nod wisely like I understand egg-jackly what they're talking about, but in my head: Shoes and makeup are also great investments, I think....Gold biscuits? Like those square chocolates in golden wrapping? Same size as Parle-G biscuits, I'm guessing....Yup, import charge on MAC cosmetics too....Umm, I don't really understand this import business....Lananana-nana....kthush!
But artificial gold stuff are a different story. Now those I find very attractive, especially when they come in the form of accessories & beauty tools, e.g. gold makeup brushes like these H&M ones that I'm so happy I spotted some days before I left UK.....


Over The Knee Boots

Hi everyone, welcome to my first shoe post on my new blog!
I've always been a fan of over-the-knee socks (Since 2009, Britney Spears, hit me baby one more time!), so I couldn't help falling for Over The Knee or Thigh High Boots when I saw they've made a comeback. These were Limited Edition, and the last pair in my size.
Long story short: I saw and tried a pair, they looked a lil' dusty (you know how exposed suede gets), I decided to order online, only big sizes sold online, I went back to store, couldn't see my size, asked SA, she said they're sold out, I thought about the dusty pair fondly, I went back to the where the boots were hung to put back the big size I was holding, I decided to check one last time, I sat on my ankles & lifted up one boot at a time, then there they were between 6 and 7! The same dusty ones, but this time, they didn't look so dusty anymore. =)
My favorite kind of thigh high boots (and knee-high boots, for that matter) are the ones that cling to legs almost like socks. My preferred material is suede, but I wouldn't be opposed to soft plushy leather either. I would probably stay away from patent leather.... I didn't really admire them in Pretty Woman either, although I LOVE the movie & Julia Roberts' in it.
Super windy day, so my hair literally attacked my face from all angles! Bye bye curls.

Welcome To My SHOE BLOG!

Hi, Hello! First of all, I'm sowwiee for disappearing for a week. Lost my energy after travelling back from Scotland to New Delhi, and I caught a throat/sinus prob, that was accompanied by a condition called "Phantosmia" (I found out the term when I turned to Dear Google one sleepless night = relieved that I'm not crazy.) It basically means I was smelling things that aren't there! I smelled - wait for it - gasoline, paint (hate both!) I'd lie in bed under the quilt and both scents would hit my nose simultaneously. Top note: wet paint, Base Note: gasoline. I suspected the oil radiator and got it taken out of our room...then I suspected the bed covers/detergent, my hands, my hair, Mr.CZ....haha! This phantom smell actually made my eyes water a couple times. It was milder last night, so let's see if it needs a special checkup. Anyone ever experienced this weird condition?
Anyways, enough about that! Our NEW BLOG is finally up! And SHOES it is! Good guessing to some of you ;) I meant to launch it last week from Edinburgh- but got busy and exhausted. Then last night - but for the very first time in 4 years of blogging, my layout messed up and froze! I had to change the whole template that I'd spent days to customize. There's a reason for everything, right?
I thought of one reason. I think I was meant to happen today, the 22nd January. My birth date is 22nd, so obviously it's my favorite number.
 2 + 2 = 4
I started this blog on 13th August, 2009.
1 + 3 = 4
Okay, I'll stop now. Please don't go away! Back to welcome speech....
Welcome to my NEW blog! I've been thinking about this for about 2 years now, and it's finally up- My 2nd blog! Didn't I tell you I want 2 of everything? ;)

Blog Name: CZloves (pronounced: Cee-Zee Loves) ~ Shoes & Life Of A Beauty Blogger.

Website: www.cz-loves.com. (Please don't forget the - hyphen after cz! Turned out plain czloves was already taken by some Chinese website =\)

What you'll see on CZloves: Aside from Shoes, I will be posting about Life stuff. That means random photos, food/cooking, decor, shopping, crafts, even makeup and beauty (because I can't help it!), etc, etc. I want to keep it light and spontaneous, so I'll focus more on pictures, like photo blogging. Let's see what else could happen! =D

Indian Vanity Case & CZloves will co-exist, like sisters with different personalities- different content & pictures. IVC will still be my first priority and it will continue like before, but I'm gonna give my best to CZloves as well. If you come here, and there's no new post, you can just click on the My Shoe Blog tab up near the header (maybe I've yet to add it), and you'll probably see a new update there! 
Please click HERE to see my 1st shoe post  + I've put a couple mini posts #justlikethat 

I hope you'll leave a comment letting me know what you think and follow if you want to stay updated! =) 

P.S:  The design and layout still needs a lot of work, so please ignore if anything looks off. A lot is.  Right now, I've just done the most difficult thing - START! 


2 Faces Of A Picture ~ Pink Cutesy Makeup



{The balls kept rolling away from a perfect heart So if you don't mind throwing a palmful away afterwards, go ahead and glue them in place! :)}

Products in Pics:

The Body Shop Lily Cole Collection Puff On Radiance
Etude House Dear My Lipstick PK005
Etude House Pink Bow Brush


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MAC Red & Deep Pink Lipsticks

L-R: Impassioned, Party Parrot, All Fired Up, Ruby Woo, Riri Woo

MAC Impassioned (Amplified) - Swatches here
MAC Party Parrot (Matte) (Limited Edition) I wore it here
MAC All Fired Up (Retro Matte) - See how it looks on me here
Ruby Woo (Retro Matte) - Swatches & how it looks on me here
MAC Riri Woo (Retro Matte) - Swatches here


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LOTD ~ A Liar, A Shopaholic Calendar.....

Squeezing 2 things in 1 blog post! One last LOTD (look of the day) in our apartment in Scotland, as we'll begin our journey back to India tomorrow. The other is about a calendar fit for a Shopaholic (read: everybody scrolling this page).....
Eyes: With some black and brown eyeshadows, I'm wearing an eyeshadow that I've been wearing a lot these days -  'Liar' from Urban Decay NAKED 3 Palette. Collection Black Gel Liner, False Lashes.

Face: I wore MUFE HD Foundation before I have to discard it, Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer on spots, Maybelline Fit Me Concealer under eyes, The Body Shop Loose Powder.

Cheeks: Forgot to wear blush! =D
Got that top with brooch from Primark sale for only £3 | Rs.300 =))
Nail Polish I'm wearing is Bourjois So Laque #62 Rose Imaginaire (pic below)


Maybelline Baby Skin & Master Kajal Oriental Gold

Here are 2 newly launched Maybelline products that are part of my last UK haul. I thought I'd post quick pics & swatches in between the other last UK activities that have taken a toll on me lately (but packing going well so far)

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser ~ Lightweight primer for smooth, poreless looking skin. The first ingredient in this is Dimethicone (silicone), which usually breaks my skin out, but I'm thinking about using it minimally only on my large pores near the sides of my nose, fine lines on undereyes and frown lines, so let's see! *fingers crossed* . Price: £5.99 | Rs.607. *Only For Adults! =)
Maybelline Master Kajal Kohl Liner in Oriental Gold ~ Cream-stick liner. I think I'm gonna love this one! It is available in Pitch Black & Lapis Blue as well. Price: £7.99 | Rs.810.
I got them both from Superdrug. Buy 1, Get 2nd half off.
Swatches ~ Baby Skin, Oriental Gold Kajal


L'Oreal Miss Manga Mega Volume Mascara ~ First Try.....

L'Oreal Miss Manga Mega Volume Mascara ~ A newly-launched mascara that promises you big Manga lashes. The formula is made up of enlarging collagen spheres that work perfectly in conjunction with the 360° flexible cone shaped brush to amplify upper lashes and reveal lower lashes. This exclusive formula also contains a trilogy of polymers for absolute hold and staying power.
What is Manga? Manga are comics created in Japan. You know those black & white cartoon sketches of boys and girls with the big sad eyes and pointy bangs and....you know what, you should just google images for a better explanation =D
The brush does take getting used to when doing upper lashes because it's thicker on one end, but the tapered conical end does help get the little corner lashes and is the right size and shape for working on bottom lashes.

MAC Pro Longwear Blush Rosy Outlook | Paintpot Layin' Low

Q.  Hey, whatcha up to?
A.  Oh, you know, just Layin' Low and paintpotting a Rosy Outlook.
Q.  Huh?
A. I mean, I'm just MAC-ing.

Q.  Macking?

A. Yup. Just spending the day with MAC.

Q.  Who the hell is Mack?!


If you giggled at that a little bit, play this song - Return Of The Mack - stand up, hang your hair down, swing your hips & arms from side to side for 1 minute (or more), and then sit down again and continue reading...........
MAC Pro Longwear Blush Rosy Outlook ~ Light Yellow Pink, Matte Finish. Ever since I started getting hooked to MAC Cream Soda Blush, I've had a penchant for light blushers - shades that look kind of faded. So, I was drawn to this blush the moment I laid eyes on it. The texture is soft & smooth, and it colors my cheeks a subtle youthful pink that's always wearable. I prefer dotting & swirling it on my cheeks with my fingers, and then blending with a brush. It does live up to it's 8-hour wear claim, at least in this cold winter.
Price ~  £20 | Rs.2046.


NEW! Bourjois 1.2.3 Perfect CC Cream + CC Eye Cream

You know how much I LOVE my Bourjois 1.2.3 Perfect Foundation, you know. That's why I'm super excited about these new additions to the 1.2.3 Perfect name!
About 1.2.3 Perfect CC Cream: Made with 3 color correction pigments that blur imperfections:

1. Pigments APRICOT for Anti-fatigue

2. Pigments GREEN for Anti-redness

3. WHITE Pigments for Anti-Stain + CARE OF CREAM: 24H Hydration SPF 15

Result: a luminous complexion and smooth skin in one step.

Bourjois 1.2.3 Perfect CC Cream will be available in 4 shades: 31 Ivoire, 32 Beige Claire, 33 Beige Rose,34 Hale (Darkest).
Bourjois 1.2.3 Perfect CC Cream Eye Cream will be available in 3 shades: 21 Ivoire, 22 Beige Claire, 23 Beige Dore.

My shades will probably be Beige Claire 32 & 22.
They are launching  in the UK in 2-3 weeks, so I'd be lucky if I get my hands on them before leaving for India. Otherwise, I'll have to wait!

Are you excited about these?

Beauty Addict And Her Stash To Pack | OOTD

Leaving UK in less than 2 weeks now, so that means these are crazy packing times! Last night, I was home alone. Mr.CZ had gone to Newcastle and he'll be back till later this evening. I layed almost all my makeup and beauty products on the bed in our guest bedroom. This bed just has a sheet, and we didn't get any pillows and whatnot for it because, you know, no point. These are most of my beauty products (save for some skin & hair products I keep in the bathrooms) that I'm packing to take to India.
I decided to throw myself into the MESS, because it's always been my dream to sleep on/next to a pile of makeup products..hehe. Btw, I kept my left knee bent in most pics, coz I was trying to hide a a big (healing) bruise. I fell down on the bridge a couple weeks ago. Always been a quiet bridge, but that day, a couple was walking towards us, and they saw me fall. Because that's how life is - you never fall without an audience.


Lipstick Fungus? Chambor Powder Matte Lipsticks

I started seeing the white stuff on these Chambor Powder Matte Lipsticks last year in Newcastle, and I thought: 'Oh, it must be frost from the cold.', like an idiot. It was freezing cold and snowing too, so I thought these lipstick froze...err...or something. Then recently, when I was taking out all my red lippies, I saw the white stuff looked thicker! I googled and people are calling the whiteness on lipsticks 'Fungus'. Ick! >.<
Shades: Rubis Rouge & Orange Flambe. I wore Orange Flambe in my Modern Cleopatra Look here.
I got them in late 2012, so it hasn't been that long for them to go bad. This is my first experience, and I'm quite put off. I won't bash the brand, because it's not like they did it intentionally, but I will not be buying these lipsticks again, that's for sure.

What do you think this white stuff is, ladies? Fungus or something else? If there are any Science nerds here, please enlighten us! =D


New Year Makeup Haul | A New Blog In The Making!

Hello Lovelies, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope 2014 will be very very nice to all of us!  A million Thank Yous to all of you for reading my blog, and being so supportive. I couldn't have asked for better readers! ♥
We went out partying with friends last night, came home a little after 12:30 am. That's quite early, but we started at around 7:30 pm. Didn't get time to click my outfit, but I will re-wear it some day. You should have seen me run around looking for a skirt & then get ready like a hurricane! So exhausting. So much hype around NYE, then you look back and wonder why you even bothered so much.

The Last Haul in 2013:
MAC ProLongwear Blush Rosy Outlook & Paint Pot Layin' Low ~ I went to MAC in Glasgow, and picked up these two. No more MAC now until Delhi.
Sleek Makeup Blush Life's A Peach ~ I forgot I use to own Pan Tao, and was glad they're not the same.
Collection Lasting Colour Black Gel Liner ~ Comes with a tiny brush. It's creamy and pigmented so far. I had to get this yesterday, coz I'd left my Bourjois Liner Feutre Felt Liner open for a night and it dried up! >.<
Tangle Teezer Compact Styler Gold ~ A revolutionary detangling hair brush that won't tug on your hair. I LOVE! Believe the hype.
Eco Tools Sponge Applicator ~  Makeup sponge on a stick! I saw it in Boots and immediately picked it up. Yet to try it out, but I really hope I'll like it. I love the packaging with snap button. This has made me really notice Eco Tools.
Primark Egg Makeup Sponge ~ This is so cheap I had to get it.
Real Techniques Setting Brush ~ I just got this along with my LRP Effaclar Duo from Escentual last time, coz it was on sale. I like to use it to set powder in little nooks on my face, like undereyes.