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Urban Decay NAKED 3 Palette. Finally!

"GET DOWN, EVERYONE!" I raised my voice and held up my deadly weapon* like a bank robber. "I said get down! You there! Get down! Yes, on the floor! Put your hands behind your head.", then I took giant steps towards the Urban Decay drawers and opened them one by one. I know it's there in one of them. Right bottom drawer. That's where I saw about 10 Naked 3 Palettes stacked on top of each other. I turned, and gave a dirty look to the SA, who's staring at me with big confused eyes, her left cheek pressed on the marble floor, both hands behind her head, and her blonde side-parted bob fell like a limp leaf over her right eye. I took out one of the palettes and bagged it. I stood up, pulled up my slouched tights, and took out two £20 bills from my wallet. I placed them on the counter next to a small notepad. "Keep the change.", I said, and ran out of the store.
Okay, so that's what I imagined doing when the Urban Decay SA told me they had Naked 3 but were to be sold only to people who have already paid for it in advance. Remember I told you the story about me going to Debenhams and the SA saying it'll be launched the following Saturday? (Post here.) Well, I went that Saturday evening. It was dark, freezing cold and pouring down rain. Of course I dragged Mr.CZ along with me. We reached Debenhams and a different SA told me only pre-orders were there. Meaning if I'd ordered online and chose 'deliver to store' option. This was the 3rd time I went looking for it, mind you. I was very upset & angry. My new boots got wet & my eyeliner had smudged all around my undereyes. I thought about the Pepper Spray* in my handbag & Ryan Gosling in The Place Beyond The Pines, and my imagination went psycho.
It is beautiful! The rose gold packaging looks better than I thought.The palette comes with a double-ended shadow/blending brush & an Eyeshadow Primer Potion sampler with resealable samples of all four formulas (Original, Sin, Eden and Anti-Aging). Each sample holds about a week’s worth of Primer. I have yet to swatch and wear the palette, coz I want to christen it on Christmas Day...hehe. So I will post swathes after some time.
Price of Naked 3 ~ £37 | Rs.3749. I went home and ordered it online from Debenhams.com.
Pics below were taken with and without flash, so you can see how the colors look in different lighting.