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Photo Diary With Maybelline Color Show Nail Polishes ~ Day 05-01 [FINALE]

And this is the Finale of my Maybelline Color Show Photo Diary. If you missed the first part, you can go check it out here. Sorry I posted it this late, I got confused with the photos, as usual.
These are all the 10 shades that I picked out of 40 shades. My list of TOP 10 Color Show Nail Polishes might change after I try more (many more!) shades, but these are basically what I wanted to have first and foremost.
Downtown Red, Tangerine Treat, Porcelain Party, Pink Voltage, Shocking Seas, Fantasea Green, Bold Gold, Coral Craze, Blackcurrant Pop, Lavender Lies

The main colors that I didn't show in Part 1 will be featured here: Bold Gold, Tangerine Treat, Porcelain Party, Downtown Red + 2 of my favorite colors from Part 1.
Day 05: Porcelain Party #102
Porcelain white. A blank slate with many possibilities, where imagination is created. I stuck on Mickey Mouse nail stickers like-that-why-I-don't-know. That was my #1 imagination,,,haha!