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TOPSHOP Velvet Lips Swatches ~ Velveteen Ribbon, Plush

Have you ever wondered if there'll ever be a matte lipstick that would stay on your lips like wall paint? A lipstick that won't smear your coffee cup? A lipstick your long hair cannot stick to? A lipstick that won't land on your fingertips when you do flying kisses? {The last one when you pretend you won an Oscar, and the kisses are flying to James Cameron. Of course you won Best Actress in Titanic!}
Well, that lipstick is what I expected Topshop Velvet Lips to be....
 "Part of The Damned collection: a highly pigmented lip cream with a powdery soft, ultimate matte finish. Wear alone or with lip liner for a truly opaque, high colour finish." ~ Topshop.
These could be Lime Crime Velvetines, but not sure coz I have not tried those. 

Topshop Velvet Lips are available in 3 shades - the third being a black shades called Raven. Had I seen it when I first saw these, I probably would have picked it over the red.
Velveteen Ribbon ~ A true blue-based red. When layered, it looks darker on the edges and more vampy.
Plush ~ Purple with teeny tiny purpley shimmer mixed in. I failed to notice them the first few times I wore it, and when I did, I liked it a little bit more.