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I'm A Pretty Pink Nail Polish. What's My Name?

"I pink your nails pretty,
Without making your purse hungry.
Oh, and look! I match CZ's favorite teacup!
If you can GUESS MY NAME,
I will ask a Pink Fairy to grant one of your wishes this Christmas....
Pinky Promise!"

C'mon, let's play! =)

I will reveal it's real name in a few days.

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How to Expand Bottom Lashes | Bourjois Color Edition 24H Cream Shadow Swatches, EOTD


Have you ever seen my bottom lashes that thick and multiplied? NO. Most of the time, they just look like....like....a drunk anorexic spider's legs. You can go check out the Makeup Tutorials Tab if you want to see them in all my eye pics.
I'll tell you how I made them look like that in a minute. First, let's talk about the new Bourjois Color Edition 24H Cream To Powder Eyeshadow. The color I got is #04 Kaki Cheri, a khaki green shade with gold shimmer.
It is different from Maybelline Color Tattoo & MAC Paintpot. At the top of my head, it has a more spongy texture. I like it A LOT. It has a silky texture, is super easy to blend & never creases. It turns into a powder finish and lasts all day.