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Lakmé Absolute Lip Tint Berry Pink Swatches, LOTD

On my coffee table, next to my laptop, among all the other stuff that I have to have near me at all times, I keep all my brand new lipsticks. To test, yes, but mainly to keep track (so I don't forget about them). Sometimes, I would use one of them a few minutes before going to brush my teeth and wiping it all off at night. It may seem pointless, but in those few minutes, I get to know the lipstick a little bit more. For over a month now, lipsticks have come and gone from the table. Only one remains - Lakmé  Absolute Lip Tint. It may land in my handbag some days, but it always ends up back on the table. It's always there next to the tissue box, hand cream, mints, etc. What I'm trying to say is, I've been using it religiously. I used to apply it instead of a lip balm every time while watching Breaking Bad. Now even Breaking Bad is finished and gone *sad sigh*, and Lakmé Lip Tint is still on the table, now next to a new box of Kleenex.
Out of 6 shades, I picked Berry Pink. It's such a wearable pink, and I think it would suit a lot of people because it seems to change color and undertones (cool/warm). You don't know how many swatches I have clicked on different days. I decided to re-click my lip swatches because the previous ones didn't come out nicely, but in the new pics it looks too coral-ish.