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And The Beautyblender Is Mine......

Look what arrived in the mail today! How a little spongy thing can brighten up my day is one of perks of being a crazy an incurable beauty addict. Look at the packaging! It sits like a diamond, but it's so much more intriguing.

What it is: It's simply a makeup blending sponge. It was featured in a post here

Price ~ £14.99 | Rs.1474 from Amazon. They've hiked up the price now to original price, £16.50 | Rs.1622.

I'm going to use it right away! Everyday. Until I can tell you, without a doubt, whether it's worth the hype or not.

Easy Bronzed Chocolate Eye Makeup Tutorial

Hi All! 

Are you mad at me for the lack of posts this week? Sorry about that. So many things went wrong during the last few days. Hope this tutorial on my current go-to eye makeup will make up for it. It's easy to do, and the colors go with everything and every occasion, especially Fall.

 1. Apply matte brown eyeshadow only on the crease. Layer it to gradually build the color as desired. If you have a deep socket and a big lid, blend the eyeshadow a little bit down.
2. Apple metallic bronze eyeshadow on lid. Also apply it on your lower lash line. Sort of join then in a C at the outer edge.
3. It should look like that. You can always re-apply both eyeshadows to intensify them. 
4. Take a brown gel liner or pencil and apply on lower lash line starting from outer corner, and bring it inwards but stop somewhere in the middle, not going all the way in. 
5. Use same brown liner on top lash line. Join it in a V with lower liner similar to what I did here. I won't line all the way to inner corner. I will stop at the part where my lash line begins to curve down.  
6. It should look like that. See how it blends with everything because it's brown?
7. Apply black mascara on top and bottom lashes. I could have chosen a better mascara, but they all need to be repurchased.
DONE! =)