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Fingertip Rings & Fall Nails

Hello! Last night, after a long time, I spent more than 5 mins painting my nails. I have also decided that one my fall nail colors will be 'BLUE' - deep & dazzling blues. Sometimes with some bling bling, coz I don't have the patience for much else. This is the only blue nail polish I own right now, so I need to go hunt for a couple more, although I'm trying not to buy too many nail polishes because of my living situation.
You know fingertip rings or 'midi rings' all all the rage now. I find them cute, but I think I would end up losing them a lot, or worse, they follow the water down the sink! I guess I'll have to take them off before washing my hands.

 New Look Fingertip Rings ~ bird, hearts, heart, leaf. One size fits all (nonsense).Price: £2.99 | Rs.303