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Revlon Pink In The Afternoon Super Lustrous Lipstick Photos, Swatches

'Pink In The Afternoon' ~ I think it's a brilliant name for this particular shade. If I had to guess how the person who named it thought of it....
As a regular lipstick swatcher, I've noticed lipsticks change tones when photographed in the afternoon when the sun is up. I think I've seen this shade come out in a few cool-toned pink lipstick photos, and probably got annoyed, because it's not really their color. So, I think the Revlon Lipstick Shade Namer wore a pink lipstick one day, clicked a photo in the afternoon (she probably Instagrammed it too if Instagram existed then), liked how the afternoon sun changed her lipstick shade, and decided she wanted that sun-made shade in a tube. She went to the office next day, swatched the lipstick on her arm/lips at 2 pm in the afternoon, stood near a window facing the sun, and then she called the Revlon Lipstick Maker to come see the color. She said to him/her: "This. Make this."
Okay, to corroborate my pink lipstick + afternoon sun story, go see the last pic here.
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Pink In The Afternoon is a warm medium pink with a peachy undertone. I'm liking it a lot, because it's very moisturizing & the shade makes me feel girly. The texture is creamy, but not heavy & tacky creamy. It sits well on my lips, and doesn't wear off too fast. Yes, it's fragrance-free.
If there's a pink lipstick that's simply feminine, and would suit light to dark skin tones, this is it.