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Classic Chic Nails ~ Clipping & Shaping Tutorial

Hello! I wanted to post a different kind of tutorial today ~ Nails! Classic Chic Nails that are comfortable, go with everything, and are appropriate for everyday & every occasion. Hope you'll like! I'm sure many of you don't need a tutorial for nail shaping, but I've been asked how I do mine several times, so.....

1. Position the clipper horizontally& clip straight from one side, stopping at the center of the nail. And behold my explaining skills....
2. Move clipper to the other side and clip in the same way, straight in.
3. If the corners are too sharp and pointy, clip a bit diagonally.
4. Do the same on the other side. 
5. Start filing. Straight. Back & forth. Use little pressure, and file evenly, until you get the desired length & shape ~ square with rounded edges here.
6. Should look something like that. *Wash or wipe off powdery nail bits, before next step.
7. Apply a beige or nude nail polish. 
8. After 2 coats, it looks like that. *You could apply a top coat if you want.
9. Apply some Vaseline or cuticle oil on the cuticles. That is, if they look dry.

DONE! =)  

[I do the same on my toenails as well.] 

What I Used:
  • Nail Clipper: Small & light nail clippers. I prefer small ones, to the big chunky types.
  • Filer: Scholl. Very old, but nothing works better. Even with filers, I prefer the sleek and thin ones. 
  • Nail Polish ~ Maybelline Colorama Balé Clássico. My favorite neutral nail polish. More pics here
  • Cuticle Moisturizer ~ Vaseline Pink Bubbly Lip Balm. More pics here

Personally, I've always preferred square & squoval (squarish-oval) shapes, sometimes even rounded. Pointy claw-like nails are a big NO-NO. Please. Don't. Chaku hai, chaku!
(Chaku = knife)

What's your favorite nail shape? 

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Nude Lips Makeup ~ Sleeping With The Enemy

I can't count the number of times I've watched the Julia Roberts' movie Sleeping With The Enemy, but this post is not at all related to the movie. No jumping in the sea, no faking my death, no running away from husband, no moving to another city and getting a new identity. Only hypothetically, I'd be Lyla, with a cherry-colored bob & a Spanish accent.
The title just.....fits.
  • 2 nude lippies from rival drugstore brands coming together.
  • A woman with an alternative personality.
I combined Maybelline Superstay Lipstick Beige For Good + Rimmel Apocalips Nude Eclipse