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Heels & YSL ~ With Love, Mr.CZ......

Presents from the man behind the woman behind this blog. A big THANK YOU to Mr.CZ who spoiled me today, mainly because of this reason
Did I tell you he has excellent taste in shoes? In both men's & women's shoes. That is why it was nice to go to Shoe Heaven with him, so he could help me decide between 2-3 designs. I don't know if it's because he's Virgo, since they are perfectionists & can point out exactly what doesn't 'fit' in a picture. Sometimes he'd criticize exactly what I'm unsure about in an outfit. Seriously, if you don't want sugar-coated opinions, turn to a Virgo. My Virgo girlfriend once told me directly that my pants looked too old and shabby, and that I needed new ones! I laughed hysterically, and then we went shopping. Now that is true 'constructive' criticism.