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Tutorial: Winged Cut Crease Eye Makeup

Hello! Hope you all had a very Happy Friendship Day. I thought about making a quick post yesterday, and after pondering and searching my head for a meaningful and heartfelt message, I couldn't find it. I decided against a cartoon card from Google Images, and took a nap instead.
I'll wish you, my blog reader friends, with this step-by-step tutorial on how I created the Winged Cut Crease EOTD I posted last week here 
 ***The lighting changed in between because of the black eye shadow, so the pics didn't come out the same. I hate it when this happens.
1. Take a gel liner and draw 1st bit of line. Curve it according to the shape of your crease. If you have a deep crease line, draw it there. I used Maybelline Lasting Drama Black Gel Liner & Inglot 30T Eyeliner Brush. *Don't press the brush too much while drawing so it doesn't come out too thick. 
*My gel liner had dried up quite a bit, so it was difficult to make the line sharp.
2. Draw 2nd center bit. 
3. Draw the 3rd bit and curve it up towards the end of your eyebrow.
4. Draw downwards making a V. ***Try not to join from the tip straight away. That way it stays pointy when you start filling in. I hope the pic explains it better than I do =D
5. Draw on outer corner of lower lash line. It'll make it easier to line the outer edge straight.
6. Join the lines in the center. Also draw gel liner on lower lash line all the way to tear duct. Here, I mimicked the shape and curved the line out slightly as shown in Pic 7.
7.  Take a matte black eyeshadow with a pointy eyeliner brush or any small brush and shade inside the black gel liner as shown. I used Urban Decay Blackout from Naked 2 Palette.
8. Apply a shimmery eyeshadow on the center of lid. I used Urban Decay Half Baked (Gold) & YDK (bronze), both from Naked 2 Palette
9.  Apply the black e/s on the outer edge again over the outer edges of the shimmery e/s so it looks like the gold is peeking through the black.
10. Apply the same shimmery gold e/s on the inner tear duct area and lower lash line inside the black liner.
11. Line top lash line close to lashes with the same black gel liner.
12. Apply mascara on top & bottom lashes. I wore False Lashes here. I used Eylure Katy Perry Oh, My! lashes