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Saturday Hauls ~ Lancome, ZARA, New Look

I feel like I bored you all with nonsense this week, or I just bored myself. I don't know why I'm behind on everything! Before I go ahead and disconnect myself from the online world this weekend (or just tonight), here are some haul pics for you.....  
  • Lancome Rouge In Love Lipstick 377N Midnight Rose ~ It took all of my will power to put aside my natural tendency to pick corals & pinks. Price: £21 | Rs.1962.
  • New Look Coral Earrings ~ Saw them once, then I went back. Price: Half Off from £7, so £3.50 | Rs.327.
So pweety!

Last Saturday's Haul.....
ZARA Court Shoes ~ I was shocked that these fit me! Size 36. More shocked because the other Zara size 36 shoes are too big for me. That's why I love these so much! Oh, there were only two pairs size 36's available - one was blacker but looser on my feet; other was brand new, never tried by anyone (tissue still wrapped on the straps) & they fit me better but the suede was less black and had more lint (read: looked dirty). I had to pick the latter, of course... hehePrice: On Sale, about 50% Off, so about £15.99 |  Rs.1494.