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NEW! L'Oreal Skin Perfection For Pixel-Perfect Skin

Spotted! New L'Oreal skin care range in fuchsia pink-cum-white packaging. Named Skin Perfection, the range claims to Pixel-perfect your skin.
What interested me most was the Magic Touch Blur, a silky pore minimizing primer. I tested it on my hand and it feels different from all the other products like it that I've tried. It was thicker, felt less greasy, and made the back of my hand look smoother and plumped up. What stopped me from getting it was the Dimethicone in it, which breaks out my skin. Although I'm still tempted to try it.
The BB Cream is available in 2 shades- Fair & Medium. I thought it felt similar to the Garnier Original, but it's probably different.
All priced at £8.66 to £11.32 |  Rs.800-900 in Superdrug.

Maybelline Baby Lips Haul

I didn't get the Maybelline Baby Lips launched in India, because they were almost the same as the Lip Smooth Color & Care ones - the balms smelled the same & the packaging was also basically the same. The ones launched in US & UK are totally different & look more fun with those long clear caps with colorful writing.
Again, why does Maybelline do this?! Not making products the same for everyone! =[
Baby Lips in UK are available in 6 types: Intense Care (Yellow), Mint Fresh (Green), Cherry Me (Orange), Pink Punch (Pink, Peach Kiss (Purple), Hydrate (Blue)
I would have gotten Pink Punch, but didn't see on the shelf. I got Hydrate & Peach Kiss. One clear, and the other a very sheer peach. They both smell goooood!
Hydrate, Peach Kiss

Peach Kiss, Hydrate

Price ~ £2.99  |  Rs.277 (each)
From ~ Superdrug.