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6 Disappointing Beauty Products

After hopeful & satisfying stories, I bring to you disappointing stories. Since I don't do reviews anymore, I thought I'd just put up good & bad products kind of posts. This one is about 6 products that I wasn't happy with.
***These are products that I personally did not like, and did not work for me. So, if you love them & they work great on you, don't worry & hate me. Every beauty product works differently on everybody =)
1. Garnier BB Cream (India Version) ~ I have proof (pics) that this flakes, and comes out like dead skin when layered and blended. Plus, the texture is too much like a tinted moisturizer. I use the original UK version, and I like it a lot even though it's a tad too oily. But it is soothing and I use it as a primer under foundation & powder, so it works. Garnier BB Creams are confusing, because of the different types, and the one launched in India might be a totally different concoction. I might try the Oil Free version, and see if it's similar to it.

2. MAC Mineralize Rich Lipstick in Style Surge ~ I got this together with MAC Riri Woo, and I quite liked the finish when I tested it on my hand at the store + I found the shape of it very interesting. On my lips, it's not so interesting. The texture is buttery and slippery, so it just sits on top of my lips like it's waiting for me to wipe it off. If not for the heavy price tag (Rs.1680), I would have spared it from this list. I'll stick to the regular MAC lippies from now on.
3. Garnier Moisture Match Mattifying Fresh Cream With Green Tea Extract ~ This is super disappointing. When I apply it, I can feel the beads of silicone that take a while to disappear, like when you rub the dead skin off your lips, and somewhat like when there's lint on your moisturized skin, you know what I mean? I also find it a tad greasy. Such a shame, because I thought it was going to be different-  fresh green tea different, not silicone-packed different. I'll use it on my  legs  feet before bed.
4. Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara (Waterproof) ~ I remember liking this a lot before I started this blog, and it was one of my favorite, and best, mascaras, BUT after trying a few holy grail-good ones recently, it's deficiencies are more noticeable. The huge plastic brush just doesn't work for my thin lashes. I guess this is closure for us. It might not be so bad if you already have full plush lashes, though.
5. Carmex Lip Balm ~ The one in a jar. I realized one day that it's actually drying my lips even more! The ones in squeeze tubes are great, though.

6. L'Oreal Color Riche Le Nail Art Stickers ~ Sigh. When I wore these, I felt like I had claws. I actually scratched myself a few times. The tips bubble and don't really stick to the nail. Maybe there's a better way to stick 'em, but it's like too much work! I'll stick to nail polishes and save time (30-45 mins the first time!) and money. I have not worn the ones shown here, but I wore another set (black with gold bits)  here.


That's all for today. You all enjoy your Friday night! Me, no special plans, except watch Game Of Thrones & movies. I hope I find at least one good horror movie to watch. It's hard, because I've watched all of them, and the ones I really really want to watch have not been released yet! =D

 Any disappointing beauty products you encountered recently? Warn me, okay?

The Dress That Came Back To Me..... [A Story Of Hope]

This is not just a shopping story. It's a story of hope.
Last December, on Boxing Day (26th Dec), I saw this Butterfly Skater High Low Dress in Jane Norman, adored it, but Size 6 wasn't available. I went home and checked online, but nada. I wrote about it here, and was quite upset about it.
Since there's no Jane Norman store her in Dundee, I've sort of stopped browsing their website regularly. On the 23rd, a few days ago, Jane Norman posted in Facebook about their new revamped website. I went, instantly clicked on the SALE tab as usual, browsed, and saw this dress, again! Size 6 was available! I couldn't believe it! I added to cart immediately along with another black lace dress that was also on sale. But I removed the lace dress, because it didn't beat my River Island Lace Dress. Umm...nope, no regrets.
As I waited for the butterfly dress to be delivered, I felt unsure, anxious and paranoid. Maybe it's a technical/website mistake...maybe it's not really a Size 6...maybe it's a defective piece...maybe they mail back and say it's out of stock and they'll refund my money... maybe I only dreamt about my purchase and it didn't really happen, let me go check my email again...maybe... aargh! Seriously, yesterday I actually had a headache and felt a little feverish, and I took a Crocin.
It reached me finally, and it's perfect! It's just a little immodestly low, but it can be taken in at the shoulders. Other than that, it fits perfectly, and the high-low ratio is also perfect for my petite frame. 
Look at the pink tissue paper with hearts!

The gold belt has no holes, so it can be adjusted freely

Price ~ £12 + £3.99 (shipping) = £14.79 (they also gave some discount on the total) | Rs.1346. [Original price was £40 | Rs.3642.]
Oh! I also found a cropped denim jacket that I'd been longing for. In the movie Safe Haven, Cobie Smulders (Robin from HIMYM) wore this jacket.....
I love everything about it. You don't see quarter sleeves on cropped denim jackets very often. I saw it on Jane Norman that same day.....
.... and I would've pounced, but it was only available in a Size 18. Next day, I checked again (why am I like this??!!), and that was also gone! I am still kicking myself that I didn't see it sooner! Sigh, it would have looked fab over this dress too, no?
Maybe someday.....Okay, I won't jinx it. But ya, if you see a denim jacket egg-jackly like that anywhere, please holler at me! 
[Yes, the print & fabric is the same as that top I wore here.]

Moral Of This Story: If you want it bad enough, it will come to you. Most times, when you least expect it.

If you need more proof, go read my story from 2010- 'The Zara Dress That Waited For Me' here.

So, what do YOU want very badly right now? =)