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NUDES ~ Lippies & Shoes

Before you think 'This crazy woman buying the same type-a-shoes!', give me a chance to justify it.
I saw these online. Weeks later, I saw them in Primark, and thought, 'I'll take them only if they're the last pair in Size 3.' That means I don't want to regret it later when I think I really want them, and there's no more size 3 left. 
I asked a very nice male SA to go check for another pair in size 3, and I showed him the minor marks on the displayed pair. He came back 6-7 minutes later with this same pair, and an apologetic smile. "Sworry, they're the last uns.", he said in some kind of accent that's not Scottish. 
"Oww...really? Okay. Thank you so much.", I pretended to look sad. Then I took the shoes downstairs to the ground floor....to the cashier....and home. Mine!
Now let's talk makeup, in case you're tired of seeing type-a-shoes. These a my current go-to nude lippies......

  • Bourjois Smile Enhancing Gloss Beige Tapis Rouge 07 ~ This one has a teeth whitening gel on one end, that somehow works. The color is quite similar to Maybelline Touch Of Toffee, but the gloss is more runny.
  • Rimmel Apocalips 600 Nude Eclipse ~ This is the nudest of all, it's light beige. I prefer to wear it on top of another deeper nude & only on the center of my lips.
  • Maybelline Color Sensational Gloss Touch Of Toffee ~ My most favorite lipgloss, ever.

  •  MAC Viva Glam V ~ This is a neutral pink with pearl. I love how wearable this is. I pick it if I don't want to go too nude or too pink.
  • MAC Sheen Supreme Bare Again ~ Pinky Neutral Beige. This is quite similar to MAC Patisserie, but it's lighter - leaning more towards beige - whereas Patisserie is a lil' pinker.
  • Deborah Milano Rosetto MilanoRed #2 ~ Peachy beige. I wore it here
  • Maybelline Color Sensational Totally Toffee ~ I've swatched it on my lips here
  • MAC Patisserie ~ My holygrail nude lipstick. 
Swatches ~ (Top): MAC Viva Glam V, MAC Sheen Supreme Bare Again, Deborah Milano Rosetto MilanoRed 2, Maybelline Color Sensational Totally Toffee, Maybelline Superstay Beige For Good 610, MAC Patisserie
(Bottom): Bourjois Smile Enhancing Gloss Beige Tapis Rouge 07, Rimmel Apocalips 600 Nude Eclipse, Maybelline Touch Of Toffee.

If you want to see my previous post on nude lippies, please go here
These shoes are also available in black with silver studs. Same style as these & these.  I'm dying to get my hand on Black & White ones too, but they're probably all gone.

What are your go-to nude lippies?