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Dear Vaseline, India Needs This.....

If I were in Delhi right now, I know I'd be putting my body lotion in the fridge. Actually, I'd be putting a lot of beauty products in the fridge. Sometimes, lipsticks too.
These days, it's warmer here in Scotland, and we don't need the radiators anymore, but I still need to wear socks & sweaters. Then I'd feel stuffy, and my ankles would start itching.... I'd start scratching them like a wild animal.....and I'd end up with red bumps. This not only happened with me, but with Mr.CZ as well. So you can imagine us watching Breaking Bad & scratching our legs.
Ever since I started using Vaseline Aloe Fresh Hydrating Body Gel, my skin hasn't acted up like that again. The man also used it once or twice, and I guess his skin is also in a zen state because I haven't heard "Heat! Heat, honey!" since then.
Since it's a gel, it is very light and feels like a slightly thicker water. It moisturizes skin but leaves it looking matte, and makes it feel smoother. Cools the body after a hot shower, smells refreshing, LOVE! It would be perfect for our Indian summers.
So, when I go back to India (in a few month, woop!), I want to be able to still get my hands on it. 

Price ~ £2.33  |  Rs.215  from Superdrug. It will obviously be priced lower in India (I hope!)

Don't you feel cooler just by looking at it? =)

NEW! Lakmé CC Cream

After BB or Blemish Balm Creams , comes CC Creams- Complexion Care Creams. Our Lakmé has launched one!  
 Price ~ Rs. 250 for 30ml.