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When A Beauty Blog Is Nominated For A Cosmopolitan Blog Award.....

Election Candidate: "If I win this election, it will give me a chance to build a bridge from River X to the village. That way, when you're done doing laundry in River X, you won't need to do mountain climbing for 1 hour to get to your huts. This is my heart's only wish."
Village People: "YES! YES! YES! Finally somebody who understands us...who cares for us the people! Ah, no more darty darty fingernails & big big insect bites. We lob you man! WE VOTE PHOR YOU!" 
Election Candidate (Now Politician in Office): "Huh?! I don't remember saying anything about any bridge. Do people still go to that filthy River X? Put a tiger in that area, and mark it unsafe. ["EK THA TIGER. BEWARE!"] Bridge! Like I get paid enough to waste my time on something I'll never use myself... Sah-la!"


Okay, that's a story I made up. But I have a strong feeling that it has happened in a village somewhere.
As I have mentioned before, my blog has been nominated for an award by Cosmopolitan India:
"We're excited to let you know that your blog (Indian Vanity Case) has been nominated by Cosmo readers in the Best Beauty Blog category for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2013 in Association with Dove! We have now opened the polls for voting so it's time to get your readers/subscribers to vote for your blog!"
Today is the last day open for voting. I owe it to my blog, my baby, to fight for it one final time & request you all to go VOTE for it.
Unlike the Politician, I have nothing to offer. No promises, no bridge. But I can assure you there'll be no tiger that will stop you from visiting this blog, no matter what happens.
You'd think that I've desperately asked (or forced) all my friends, family, friends of friends, cousins, friends of cousins, relatives, in-laws, old school mates, the plumber who came to fix a leak in our bathroom earlier, etc, to go vote for my blog, but NO. I've not asked any of them. Most of them don't even know. I'm still trying to decide whether I should let Mr.CZ vote, although I might, since he reads my blog (read: spies on me) and gives his opinions on photos and stuff. 
Truth is, I want the votes to come from readers who love my blog before me. Readers who come to my blog for the lipsticks, readers who would feel crushed if I ever stopped blogging (not happening any time soon!), readers who know what 'Oh My Bows' means. I want the votes to come from YOU who are reading this right now. So, I'll leave it all up to you.
If you want to VOTE, please go HERE ~ Click on Like next to Indian Vanity Case under Beauty Blogs, scroll to the bottom of the page, fill in your details & click SUBMIT. It's done!
Thank you so much & Love you for voting! ♥
At the same time, you can also vote for your favorite blogs in other categories. All The Best to all the blogs that have been nominated! 
Okay, now I'll go Vote for my favorite blogs, too. And no, I won't foolishly vote for my own blog! =D