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Outfit Of The Day ~ Crop Top & Skater Skirt

In about 1 minute that skirt is going to fly and spread out like an umbrella (under my umbrella...ella...ella...) But nobody saw. Never wear a skater skirt when it's windy.
And in about 10 minutes, while walking on the road, the rain is going to come down on me like an unwanted birthday blessing. I didn't have an umbrella (ah, the irony!) & my mascara wasn't waterproof. 
This is what I wore on my Birthday over 2 weeks ago, btw. I took these pics in a jiffy before heading out. It was the first time I did a photoshoot in our new balcony, and it was soo windy! We're on the 1st floor, so anyone who walks on the road down below can see. I had to run inside and hide every time a car came by. Hence, the odd leg in previous photo... haha!
Top ~ Quiz Lime Textured Crop Top | Black Skater Skirt ~ H&M. Got it on sale, only £3 (Rs.266)  |  Lime Belt ~ H&M. Sale again, £1 (Rs.89)  |  Shoes ~ Suede Mary Janes from Ebay  |  Clutch Bag ~Primark | Jewelry ~ Primark Earrings, Claires Bracelet, Fossil Rose Gold Watch | Of course I had to wear black tights & a leather jacket too before heading out in the cold.
Lipstick ~ I was confused which lip color to wear with lime green. I tried peach & nude...then in the end I went with coral. I used Maybelline SuperStay Stay With Me Coral (Swatches here). I don't really remember what I put on the rest of my face! Definitely got older!
Hope you have fun plans for the weekend. I want to go to Superdrug and get some new makeup I see doing the rounds in blogosphere, but I have no money. I mean, I have spent my monthly budget online recently. Sigh. =D