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A Girl Spat To Sorbet Shoes....

Friday, 24th May '13, 10:40 am:
We reached the train station. An hour later, we're supposed to be in Edinburgh. As we walked in, I saw a magazine shop, and decided to pick up LOOK Magazine. Mr.CZ went ahead to get the tickets. The shopkeeper was a woman in her late 20's to early 30's (I couldn't tell). She had an almost gothic rock star style- very short cropped black hair, maybe some piercings, she wore a black t-shirt with skinny jeans. I've always admired this style & find it fascinating. She was boyish, but petite. Maybe one size bigger than me, and a couple inches taller. 
I paid for the mag, and took out one copy from the middle of the stack, and not the one on top. It was a habit, you know. Usually, the copy right on top of the stack gets dusty & has probably been touched and flipped through by a lot people, maybe some people who don't wash their hands after doing susu & doodoo. It makes sense, because that way, it won't feel eww when you read the magazine in bed. Plus, this magazine didn't come with an outer sleeve.
 Boyish Woman: "They're the same thing." 
 Me: "Oh, I know. I just want one from the bottom.", I said nicely, and smiled at her. I thought she'd say, "Oh, I see! No problem, you have a naa-ice day now!" 
But she didn't.
Boyish Woman: "But they're the same thing! They're the same thing!", she shook her head wildly. Then she twitched her top lip to one side, and raised her giant eyeballs without looking up- like those male dancers with the heavy kohled eyes & smudged red lips (What are they called?) She kept mumbling, and hit her palms on the magazines. I started to walk away from the uncouth violent behaviour, and that's when she added:
 "S-c-h-t-o-o-p-i-d" (that is: Stupid)
For a second, I thought about ignoring it, but my inner gothic rock star chick didn't let me. 
Me: "What the hell is wrong with you? I KNOW they're the same! I just don't want one from the top of the pile, what's s-c-h-t-o-o-p-i-d about that?!", I looked her straight in the eye.
In that moment, she somehow looked smaller than me, and a question raced quickly through my mind: Could I take her, if she jumps over the counter and drops those giant eyeballs on my face? 
Then, instantly, she stopped mumbling and twitching, and just shrugged. I reckon she probably thought a little Asian woman was going to take it, and run away feeling ashamed. She went back to the counter, as some other customers approached the store, and I walked away with a tarnished mood.
I started flipping through the magazine as soon as we sat in the train, and my eyes landed on something that made me forget about what happened 10 minutes ago. On page 6, were these Primark Sorbet Strappies [£12  | Rs.1028]. My mood brightened up again. This time, in 3 very specific colors!
(If you're wondering why I keep buying the same style of shoes {you must have seen the black & red ones here}, it's because they're the only ones that fit my inadequate feet -thanks to the ankle straps. They've recently launched nude ones too, by the way.)
About 3 hours later....
In Primark: There was only one pair in 'Size 3' available. But for about 7 minutes, the right side was missing from the shelves, strangely. Only the left side was there. Usually, each pair is tied together with an elastic string.
Mr.CZ concluded somebody had stolen it. "But why only one side?", I asked incredulously. He said, maybe the person had the shoes, and one side got spoiled or something, so she came to steal one of them....haha! 
I wanted to cry! Then..... magically, like a Fairy Godmother, a SA appeared with the missing side of the shoe! 
....and the sorbet shoes and me....oh, and a bonus pair of coral Bold In Ballerinas [£.6 | Rs.514]....
 .....lived sorbetilly ever after. 

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